Decarbonizing the data center industry

battery energy storage system

Driven by strong sustainability goals, the data center industry is at the forefront of exploring cleaner technologies to turn operations green. Through long-term Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) with electricity providers data center operators can run their infrastructure almost decarbonized on green energy. The only hurdle remains the backup power systems that are traditionally powered by fossil fuels. This transition requires a new approach: Li-Ion battery energy storage systems (BESS) offer a viable solution to replace diesel gensets and achieve fully decarbonized operations, alongside with further grid-related benefits.

A green and economically viable back-up power system technology makes way for fully decarbonized data center operations.

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Watch our talk: Decarbonized data centers with battery energy storage

In this talk Giuseppe Leto – head of global portfolio management for data centers at Siemens – highlights four main aspects of the battery energy storage technology with regards to decarbonization: 


  • The adoption of battery energy storage as decarbonization driver of the data center industry 
  • The benefits of BES beyond the role of backup power supply    
  • The role of cloud infrastructure to complement battery energy storage systems in case of long grid outages  
  • The status of the market maturity in adopting these technologies