Auxiliary systems that inspire your wind turbines

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As higher power classes are developed for wind turbines, the mechanical and electrical requirements placed on the system components also rise. This applies not only to the main components, such as generators and frequency converters, but also explicitly to auxiliary systems, such as pitch and yaw drives and the industrial controls. Best possible availability and reliability of the components are essential performance criteria, along with highly flexible adaptation to the particular turbine, ruggedness, and high energy efficiency of the electrical systems. You can rely on our expertise in our SIRIUS switching devices, which have proven in pitch and yaw systems.


Energy efficiency starts with the right adjustment

The cost-effectiveness of a wind power plant is affected by many factors. Auxiliary systems play a major role by enabling additional functions to be used in the wind turbine. As wind power plants are exposed to the wind and weather for decades, their components not only have to be resistant and rugged, but also, for example, have to be suitable for use in a wide temperature range so that the wind turbine can always operate efficiently. To ensure that the technical requirements are met for the best possible energy output at every location, we concentrate our expertize on pitch, yaw and other auxiliary systems, examples of which we show you here.

Maximum efficiency and top reliability of your pitch systems

The pitch control serves not only to optimize the power output but also to protect the wind turbine against excessively high wind speeds. Appropriate adjustment of the blade position to the wind speed and direction prevents overloading of the mechanical and electrical components.


Special advantage of the pitch control components from Siemens: They are approved for use in a temperature range from +70 °C to -40 °C, and allow safe and efficient operation of the wind turbine within this extended range of operation. It goes without saying that all our components are suitable not only for coping with the highest loads in terms of vibrations or centrifugal forces of up to 7 G, but also for use in salt-laden air.

Cost effective and high-performance components for your yaw systems

In order to achieve the best possible inflow direction, the yaw motors turn the entire nacelle to point in the optimal direction to the wind. This requires drives with high torques, powered by 4 to 16 geared motors connected in parallel. Ultimately it is a question of bringing the nacelle into the correct position, despite its high weight.


It should also be possible to monitor this important function remotely – and, in the event of a fault, to switch it on again remotely after analysis.

Safe and monitored application with SIRIUS system

The wide range of SIRIUS and monitoring systems with intelligent functions offers a cost-effective alternative for operating three-phase motors efficiently almost every application. This enables you to implement simple, future-proof wind turbine concepts.


The SIRIUS portofolio, consisting of contactors, soft starter, circuit breakers and overload relays, combines switching, overload and short circuit current protection in a simple and modular way.

SIRIUS monitoring relays and SIRIUS motor starters help you to automate the operation of your wind turbines – with the option of Safety Integrated if required. If problems occur, they can be easily analyzed with remote access and – after the problem has been eliminated – the drives can be switched on again with remote access, which saves substantial servicing costs and increases the energy output.

Proven industrial control components and systems

SIRIUS switchgears are able to control voltages of 690V and so a transformer to 400 V is not needed or can be much smaller. This saves space and money in the control cabinet and increases the energy efficiency. Other auxiliary systems handle, for example, the protection of the electrical components and the monitoring of electrical loads in your wind turbine with integrated SENTRON and SIRIUS systems, which pays off both in operation and preventive maintenance.


So a comprehensive solution portfolio is available to you for protecting motor circuits of all sizes – from fans to yaw drives. We also offer solutions for safely controlling overvoltages, for example those caused by lightning strikes, so that neither the electric cables nor your electric components are damaged.

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