Do you know the health state of your plants?

Cloud-based condition monitoring Key Visual

The simple truth is: Only a reliable plant earns money. This applies in particular to windfarms, where every imparment of function and every failure directly increases the costs of energy. Therefore, you want to be sure that your plants work smoothly. Then it is even better if a Condition Monitoring System (CMS) SIPLUS CMS1200 from Siemens continuously monitors its operation. Damages are identified at an early stage, long before it leads to an impairment of the energy production and before high costs are incurred due to a turbine shutdown.


Improved performance through deep insight

The more operators know about their windfarms, the better they can decide when and how to carry out service measures, which components are replaced when, and whether they can switch from cyclical maintenance to condition-based maintenance in order to save costs. A part from the fact that unplanned downtimes are reduced to a minimum, maintenance work can also be specifically planned instead of having to be performed on call for ad hoc assignments. This pays off especially in the case of remote locations or offshore facilities.

Easy integration thanks to TIA

SIPLUS CMS1200 offers another advantage: Because it is part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), system design and plant integration are particularly simple. The CMS system is already ready for Industry 4.0. By connecting to cloud-based analysis/optimization systems (such as MindSphere), you can shape the future today and benefit from the advantages of digitalization. For example, the analysis of the operating data of different wind power stations provides a direct means of comparing performance – and shows where optimization is possible.

Systematic analysis


  • Condition monitoring system for continuous monitoring of machines and plants
  • Digital control of the plant status
  • Early detection of damage
  • Acquisition and analysis of machine-related data and integration of this data into the automation system

Your advantages

  • Lower maintenance costs (planning of resources, no unplanned downtimes)
  • Longer lifetime of components
  • Higher availability = higher productivity
  • Complete solution for data acquisition, analysis and visualization


  • Compact size with integrated IOs and modular expansion options
  • Uniform display concept with plain text information
  • Integrated technology functions for counting and measuring tasks
  • Efficient engineering in the TIA Portal

Your advantages

  • Saves time in the implementation of your individual application through executable, tested sample projects
  • Perfectly matched, optimally interacting modules
  • Step-by-step instructions to help avoid errors
Stepping up your production - Efficient condition monitoring for the early detection of mechanical machine damages

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Detailed application example - Retrofit of a wind turbine with CMS

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