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For your customers, one thing in particular counts: keeping the costs for the electricity generated as low as possible. This starts with highly efficient power generation and continues seamlessly with low-loss and cost-effective power transmission in the wind turbine and beyond. We support you in the trouble-free operation of wind turbines using customized wind equipment, simplified engineering and highly efficient products. 

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In the wind energy sector, maximum efficiency is required in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, if only because it has a direct impact on the production costs and thus on the long-term competitiveness of the system. As an experienced partner of the wind industry, we therefore rely on a systematic approach in which we include everything required for safe, reliable and economical power distribution and transmission in the auxiliary circuits and the main circuit including the medium-voltage level in infeed operation. Therefore, we offer you a complete end-to-end range of optimally matched components. With these, you benefit from numerous advantages over the entire life cycle of your wind turbines. This includes simplified planning and reduced procurement efforts as well as faster installation and commissioning combined with optimized costs in daily operation.

Independent of climate, optimum personal protection and maintenance-free, reliable operation - these are just a few of the many advantages of our gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear (GIS).

In the electrical power distribution of a wind turbine, the maintenance-free 8DJH 36 gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear assumes a key role. Thanks to its modular, compact design, it fits easily in the tower of the wind turbine and offers maximum flexibility in terms of system configuration. The installation of the supply points in the immediate vicinity of the consumers possible in this way also reduces the energy losses. Optionally, the 8DJH 36 can also be used, for example, in onshore and offshore wind farms in arc-tested outdoor enclosures with up to four branch feeders.


Operators of wind turbines must be able to rely above all on the safe and reliable operation of their wind farms. And because these are often difficult to access (e.g. offshore) and faults in a wind turbine can often only be repaired after several days, switchgear for wind turbines such as the NXPLUS C Wind are built particularly reliably. Their reliability is based on more than 30 years of experience in gas-insulated switching technology and the use of proven components.


State-of-the-art wind turbines are becoming more and more efficient. However, when the power increases, so too does the amount of current to be transferred – and thus the cable losses. One way out is to use higher voltages, for which Siemens offers an innovative solution with the 8VM1 blue GIS gas-insulated switchgear. Their insulating medium is not SF6, but instead clean air, an environmentally neutral mixture of 20 % oxygen and 80 % nitrogen. In addition, the 8VM1 blue GIS uses innovative technology with vacuum circuit breakers up to 72.5 kV: The environmentally friendly technology has been successfully used in high-voltage switchgear since 2010.


Low transmission loss, optimum efficiency and high safety: Transformers from Siemens fulfill a wide range of tasks in all types of wind turbines and wind farms all over the world. Based on over 100 years of experience in the development and construction of power and distribution transformers as well as continuous research and close cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of wind power stations.

Environmentally friendly, safe, reliable, with low fire load: GEAFOL cast-resin transformers are ideal for use in your wind turbine. With their compact dimensions, they fit into the smallest niche and their low weight (-10 %) relieves the load of the entire construction. With their high mechanical strength, they are also suitable for use in the nacelle.


Reliable quality for your wind turbine. For insulation purposes we use, for example, an environmentally friendly MIDEL® filling that does not endanger the groundwater. This means that liquid-immersed distribution transformers from Siemens can be used without any problems both onshore and offshore. This is supported by the compact, maintenance-free Tumetic design of the transformers, which also convince with low losses and a long service life.


SIVACON 8PS LDM system for wind turbines

Economical, reliable and safe - the SIVACON 8PS LDM busbar trunking system has been specially developed for the efficient power transmission between the nacelle and the base of the tower and has been proving itself in practical use: with its compact design, low-loss connection technology, pre-installed busbar elements, optimized material usage, low fire load and much more.


In addition, the LDM system can be combined with the LD and LDM-P systems, thus opening up further possible solutions for wind turbines.


System protection and energy monitoring

It is crucial for the success of wind power projects to optimally protect investments in plant technology from network disturbances or lightning strikes. This includes protecting the main circuit, but also ensuring the voltage quality in the auxiliary circuits. Suitable monitoring via communication-capable switching devices such as the 3WL molded case circuit breaker enables errors to be detected early and minimizes downtimes through timely maintenance or remote switch-on from the control center. Furthermore, energy monitoring offers numerous options for optimizing system efficiency.


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Building more efficiently

For you as a manufacturer, our portfolio also has many advantages. Benefit from standardized modules for important functions that drastically simplify and speed up engineering, from comprehensive system tests of hardware and software before the actual installation, or from modules that are perfectly coordinated with one another and can be installed quickly and easily. All this reduces your throughput times, allowing you to market your innovations faster. And if you can offer lifecycle solutions to your customers, such as condition-based maintenance or replacement parts available worldwide, you can increase the availability of your wind turbines and further reduce your costs. Learn more about it directly from our experts.

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