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Turbine automation

Wind energy plants are subject to growing demands as complexity increases, and the need for the fastest possible commissioning of wind turbines calls for flexibly scalable and modular open solutions. With Totally Integrated Automation, Siemens offers the ideal basis for implementing automation systems. The unique level of integration ensures the perfect interplay of all components. With Siemens you benefit from an extremely high level of efficiency, flexibility and economy – the ideal prerequisite for productive wind energy plants and wind farms.

Efficient solutions for the future-proof automation of wind turbines

Efficiency and integration

Every component under the umbrella of Totally Integrated Automation and Totally Integrated Power is perfectly geared toward meeting the growing demands on wind energy plants with maximum efficiency, so as to sustain the competitiveness of your turbines in the long term. Make noticeable savings and shorten your time-to-market with the integrated automation expertise of Siemens combined with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Powerful server technologies for your wind farm with SIMATIC IPC

Not only the right automation hardware, but also the seamlessly integrated engineering software optimize the yield from your wind energy plants and facilitate outstanding performances when monitoring wind farms.

Higher performance, quality and sustainability with SIMATIC IPC

By choosing SIMATIC, the core element of Totally Integrated Automation, you are opting for a flexible, economical and integrated monitoring system. The SIMATIC IPC1047 industrial PC enables you to integrate powerful server technologies already at the engineering stage, thereby offering a platform for the digitalization of your wind turbines.

The networking of wind farms and linking of information across all levels are causing a continuous rise in the demands on computing performance, function, and availability. Our solution, with the SIMATIC Industrial PC, offers you an innovative and sustainable platform to get your wind farm fit to face the challenges of digitalization.

Your benefits

  • Continuous 24-hour use, tailored to your application, in all kinds of weather
  • High productivity due to high-speed data processing
  • High system availability and shorter downtimes
  • Minimization of costs due to high security of investment
  • Shorter time-to-market minimizes costs of commissioning, operation, and servicing
  • Consistent data retention
  • Global standards and standardized hardware and software interfaces

Efficient turbine control

Optimized yield with the world's No. 1 controller


By choosing SIMATIC, the core element of Totally Integrated Automation, you are opting for a flexible, economical and integrated turbine control. The SIMATIC Microbox IPC enables all operating parameters to be adapted to suit your needs – and thus creates the powerful basis for operation of the wind energy plant that optimizes the yield at all times.


One highlight: For wind turbine control, we offer you the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller as a scalable embedded bundle, in which the hardware and software are perfectly matched to one another. Retain your automation independence in the future.

Your benefits

  • Fast configuration and commissioning thanks to wind-specific software libraries and security of investment due to long-term availability of the modules
  • Integrated, efficient system for maximum availability of the wind turbine
  • Processing of standard and safety-oriented signals in one system
  • Open C-interface for easy integration of MATLAB / Simulink applications
  • Use of open communication standards for easy connection of additional subsystems
  • Connection of sensors and switching devices via IO-Link to save wiring costs and to make troubleshooting easier
  • Apart from the real-time function (Software Controller), you have a second independent operating system (Windows or even SIMATIC Industrial OS [a Linux operating system])

Remain independent in all kinds of weather

PC-based automation combined with the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller – the perfect choice for innovative control solutions


The SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller works completely independently of the operating system, which means it also continues to run during restart or even when the second operating system fails, thereby increasing the system availability of your wind turbine or wind farm. Exploit the advantages of SIMATIC control systems and the functionality of the controller on industrial PCs, together with high-level languages such as C++ and MATLAB/Simulink integration.

Easy changeover to SIMATIC thanks to SIMATIC Wind Library

Programming and parameter assignment are performed on a standardized basis with the IEC 61131-based TIA Portal engineering system. You have access to the Wind Library, our library of function blocks designed explicitly for the automation of wind turbines. About 80% of the functions of a wind energy plant are already available here as SIMATIC STEP 7 function blocks in the practical source code. These include, for example, system functions, pitch and hub control, nacelle control, turn functions, status monitoring, and physical functions.

Your benefits

  • Standardization
    - Re-use of program code and utilization of communication standards
  • Scalability
    - Easy implementation of various performance and functional requirements
  • Open for your ideas
    - Easy expansion for customer-specific applications (PC applications, CCode / MATLAB)
  • Extensive diagnostic functions already integrated
    - Easy expansion for customer-specific diagnostics
  • Safety
    - Protection of proprietary know-how and protection against unauthorized access

Powerful pitch control

For the pitch control, we offer you highly efficient distributed solutions with the SIMATIC CPU 1510SP-1 PN (based on ET 200SP). This controller is optionally available with Safety functionality. The connection to the main controller can be implemented, for example, via PROFINET, PROFIBUS, or CAN-Bus.

Your benefits

  • Robust components for harsh environment conditions (temperature, vibration, and shock)
  • Certification in accordance with Germanischer Lloyd
  • Sensors with a high degree of protection – ideal for use in offshore plants

Intelligent yaw control

For the yaw control, Siemens offers you extremely efficient solutions based on SIMATIC S7-1500 Controllers as main control and ET 200SP I/O. This combination permits solutions ranging from simple motor starters right up to high-end motion control system. Due to the openness of the SIMATIC Controllers with regard to C-code integration, complex control algorithms, for example from MATLAB / Simulink, can easily be integrated.

Your benefits

  • Load reduction due to simple connection of high-end algorithms from MATLAB, for example
  • Robust and extremely precise sensors – even for extreme environmental conditions
  • Broad range of compact soft starters – for different outputs and functions

Industrial Edge & Wind

Closing the gap between automation and Cloud


Digital transformation is continually making new demands on automation. With Industrial Edge, you bring digitalization directly into your wind energy plant and exploit the new freedom of automation. Gain the benefit from intelligent wind farm management.


Industrial Edge @ Wind combines local and high-performance data processing, located directly within the automation, with the advantages of the Cloud: app-based data analysis, data processing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service concepts with central update functionality.


Use the best from the Cloud securely in your wind turbine / wind farm: Industrial Edge

  • Edge management - The central infrastructure for the management of your Edge devices, 
  • Edge devices - Secure, future-proof basis for executing Industrial Edge applications and 
  • Edge apps - Applications for the intelligent use of data
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