Staying a step ahead of standstills

A wind turbine in operation is a power plant designed to generate electricity, although it is continuously subject to a variety of environmental influences. For this reason, a wind turbine needs special protection in order for it to remain available and functional at all times. Our optimally coordinated portfolio permits perfect protection of the wind turbine against short circuits and overloads in the field of supply and feeders through to the control and protection of electrical drives. Furthermore it offers protection for personnel and a graded concept of protection against lightning and overvoltage. Our measuring and monitoring devices are equipped with communication capability and ensure a high level of plant transparency.

All-round protection

Protection of the wind turbine

Offshore positioned wind turbines require investment at high risk. It is therefore particularly important that they are protected against environmental loads. But also for onshore plants, optimal availability and high levels of safety during installation and operation play an important role.

Main circuit

The main circuit is the core for the primary function of a wind turbine and ensures the network-compliant transmission of the generated energy from the turbine into the supply system. In order to secure its functions, an extensive range of measuring and protective devices are used. During maintenance work, the main circuit is also safely isolated from the line to prevent reconnection – for optimum protection of plant personnel.

3WL air circuit breakers

In order to generate electricity, wind turbines depend on the safe infeed of electrical energy. 3WL air circuit breakers reliably protect against damage or fire as a consequence of short circuits, ground faults or overloads. The modular structure and the consistent accessories make it possible to flexibly adapt these circuit breakers to the demands of your wind turbine.

SIRIUS 3RT contactors up to 2650 A

With a power range up to 2650 A, in conjunction with SENTRON circuit breakers, the new SIRIUS contactors can be used in the generator circuits of wind turbine systems, for example in systems with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG). Their rated technical data means that these switchgear assemblies can be used under demanding ambient conditions, for example at high temperatures. A high tested short-circuit strength allows these devices to be used in generator-related applications.


The LDM and LD busbar trunking systems from the SIVACON 8PS range of products are specially adapted for the requirements of power transmission in wind turbines. They help to ensure an economical and secure energy supply, are easy to install, space-saving and feature a low fire load as well as good electromagnetic compatibility. In addition, pre-assembly in the horizontal tower drastically reduces the assembly work at the installation site. Moreover, there is the significantly higher thermal load capacity, in the case of a lightning strike for example, compared to cables.

Auxiliary circuit

Electrical equipment ensures the vital functions of a wind turbine, such as the pitch and yaw controls, fans or hydraulic systems. These must be effectively protected against overvoltages, overload and short-circuit using components that are coordinated with one another. Because only a safe energy supply guarantees maximum functionality and fault-free operation. Our SENTRON portfolio includes reliable protection against overvoltage, overload and short-circuit.

3VA molded-case circuit breakers and 3NP1 fuse switch disconnectors

The 3VA molded case circuit breakers and the 3NP1 fuse switch disconnectors ensure optimum protection against overload and short-circuit at the infeed to the control and auxiliary circuits. They offer a high current-carrying capacity and associated derating. Both devices are integrated into the existing communication systems and thus achieve an increased level of plant transparency.

Residual current operated circuit breakers

Residual current operated circuit breakers (RCCBs) protect people and equipment against hazardous residual currents. They also quickly detect and report differential currents. In this way, the RCCBs help to avoid standstills and raise plant availability, thanks to the possibility of reclosing them using remote control mechanisms.

Fire protection

Even when wind turbines are standing out at sea, the danger of fire is one of the greatest risks to the continuous operation and economic success offshore. For this reason alone, sufficient fire protection must be ensured. This risk is minimized by our certified fire protection concept for offshore turbines. A modular system design and robust enclosure offer maximum flexibility, permit fast installation and ensure reliability even under harsh conditions.

Sinorix CDTSystem

Automatic extinguishing systems for wind turbines must be harmless to humans in case they are accidentally activated during maintenance work. And the extinguishing agent must not damage the electronic components as a result of residues or corrosion. Our cutting-edge Sinorix™ CDTSystem meets these requirements. It is based on a constant gas pressure discharge technology in connection with nitrogen as the extinguishing agent. In short: If a fire occurs, it is quickly extinguished in an environmentally-friendly way.


Fire detectors using our ASAtechnologyTM are ideally suited to offshore wind turbines. The signals recorded by the sensors are broken down by algorithms into mathematical components and compared in real-time with the ASA parameter set, which is dynamically adapted where necessary. In this way, the fire detectors recognize a genuine fire accurately and distinguish it from deceptive phenomena in the environment.

Overvoltage protection

Due to their height, wind turbines are an easy target for lightning strikes and the associated overvoltages. With our portfolio of products you can protect not only the equipment of the supply circuit but also data cables. This helps you to avoid plant failures or damage, not to mention expensive service calls on site. And if service is indeed required on site, any damaged modules can easily be replaced. Remote signaling of the equipment status and protection of the control system are likewise components of our portfolio.

Typical examples of the modular portfolio are the 5SD74 combination surge arresters. The advantages for you:


  • Protection against system failures as a consequence of lightning strike or overvoltage
  • High degree of protection thanks to remote transmission of data concerning the equipment status and easy replacement of modules
  • Protection of the control system thanks to surge arresters on the data cables
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