Flexible production belongs to the future

Increasing individualization, fast changes of production lines and volumes as well as highly automated processes – these key trends shaping the future of production and logistical processes. SIMOVE is our answer to these challenges and helps you to take the next step into future.

Flexible production with SIMOVE

SIMOVE allows you to change your manufacturing lines into a flexible and modular production.

Besides that it supports you in many areas of your enterprise processes from the moment of incoming material through the different production steps up  to the dispatch of your goods.

SIMOVE is based on standard Siemens automation and drives components and a modular software platform.


Implement AGV solutions by using SIMOVE

With SIMOVE  you are able to easily implement and automate AGVs (automated guided vehicles) in your production. Additionally SIMOVE masters the typical requirements which have to be fullfilled while implementing the system in a running operation. It offers:

  • an easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • a modular and standardized way
  • an open concept that allows tailored application
  • minimal engineering and commisioning efforts



SIMOVE convinces as flexible solution

Gebroeder DOMS needed a flexible solution for quickly adding vehicles, so the fleet can be correctly adjusted according to the production planning. Thanks to the integration of the SIMOVE AGV system platform, the customer could solve these requirements.

The platform's key strength lies in its open and flexible design.
Tom Doms, Automation Team Manager, Gebroeders DOMS


The comprehensive system package for AGV automation

Carrier control

The SIMOVE carrier control system includes the use of standard automation and drive components as well as customized software tools and libraries.

It enables system flexibility and scalability thanks to a modular architecture and open interfaces.

Navigation control

SIMOVE supports different ways of navigation and localization for your AGV application.

The Siemens laser based navigation (ANS+) is integrated in the common hardware platform (PLC and PC with Linux) and includes a sophisticated route and map management.

The track guided navigation is a proven technology which is based on pre-defined trajectories routes within a digital map.

It is integrated in SIMOVE carrier contol which enables route configuration, identification points as well as diagnostics.

Fleet control

With SIMOVE fleetmanager you are able to control and orchestrate different types of AGVs for your specific use case in one single system.

It easily connects to various IT hosts systems and ensures on-time delivery through dynamic traffic analysis.

Besides that it prevents interruptions through early maintenance information.

Maintenance and diagnostics

The maintenance and diagnostic within SIMOVE can be handled via the tailored app. The dashboard offers various functions which help to analyse  parameters quickly such as route information, location of the AGVs, system alarms, battery status and many more.