Applications for transparent processes

The digital process plant generates a wealth of data that allows flexible control of process sequences and provides deep insights into the operating status of the entire plant.
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Digital database for maximum process reliability

Comprehensive process data forms a sound basis for decisions and interventions on the operational level. A combination of IoT and artificial intelligence enables you to respond faster to dynamic markets and changing customer requirements. Batch processes can be handled more flexibly – continuous processes can run with significantly higher efficiency and safety. Preventive maintenance concepts ensure maximum plant availability and greater sustainability. Take a look at a range of typical applications that demonstrate our digital competence for your goals:
Batch Production

Batch Production: Manufacturing Operations Management for Specialty and Fine Chemicals

Digital solutions for production management help to increase the transparency of processes and thus lay the foundation for optimizing all aspects of the value chain. Learn, how paperless BATCH production with a state-of-the-art Manufacturing Operations Management System addresses typical pain points in specialty and fine chemicals and helps to improve both the efficiency and quality of processes.

Efficient processes from packaging to logistics

Not only must the actual production process run efficiently and economically. Numerous peripheral processes must also be seamlessly integrated into the system. This includes digital management of the entire supply chain from warehouse management to packaging and filling through to logistics.

Successful solutions for entirely new opportunities

The realization of a new process plant with an end-to-end digital infrastructure is one thing. The migration of an existing plant into a digital overall solution is quite another. We specifically address your current situation and develop a customized approach and a solution. This enables new possibilities and creates a process plant that’s characterized by maximum availability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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