Digital Transformation in air separation plants for chemical industry 

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In automated air separation plants the goal is to minimize production costs by reducing energy consumption and to ensure product quality. We support you in this endeavor as a strong partner. For numerous air compression applications, we offer reliable process, plant and safety solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific needs – including automation, electrification and digitalization.

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Specific challenges

Product quality and compliance with your specification

Changing plant operations, complex processes, a high total cost of ownership, and growing competitive pressure in the market are just some of the many reasons for needing to continually maximize the efficiency of chemical and air separation plants.

Exploit potential in air separation plants

To remain competitive in the market over the long term, standards must be set for safety, availability, efficiency, and transparency. These can only be met when all existing potential is rigorously exploited.

Keeping an eye on efficiency and safety

The goal of our safety solutions is to guarantee process and plant safety throughout the entire lifecycle – for example, through ex protection, functional safety, defense-in-depth concepts and risk management. We achieve a high-level of plant efficiency and system integrity through service concepts that, among other things, enable transparent data management. For more opportunities increasing your production.

Air separation

In the chemical industry, large quantities of oxygen and nitrogen are required for processing input and intermediate products. Energy supply and compression play a key role in the separation process. 

For maximum efficiency, pre-cleaning, compression, cryogenic rectification of air or storage and filling must be kept within a very specific range of operating parameters. Siemens’ automation and measurement solutions help to maintain an ideal environment for the process at all times, even under difficult conditions.

Use cases and concepts

Concepts for safe operation of your air separation plant

Our concepts and use cases support you in a reliable and safe operation of your air separation plant over the entire life cycle.

Our products for your solution

Learn more about our customized products and solutions for your reliable and secure air separation plant.

Services for the chemical industry

Services for the chemical industry

From plant designs and concepts to retrofits, from the development of new processes to the optimization of existing ones – with our global network of experts, we can support you anytime and anywhere around the world over the entire lifecycle of your chemical plant.

Plant operation

Advanced process control

Energy and maintenance costs make up a large part of production costs. Precise monitoring and asset performance management is needed for cost optimization and control. For monitoring and analyzing assets, we use a variety of apps.

Cryogenic air separation 

Cryogenic air separation

Monitoring and optimizing processes requires process analyzers, which deliver essential data from various plant areas on energy consumption and the control of product quality. These are crucial objectives for lowering production costs.

Package units 

Package units

Many production plants have additional machines and aggregates that also need to be controlled. In many cases, these 3rd party package units are complete subsystem models for specific production tasks. They are easy to integrate into the air separation plant.



In air separation plants, powerful compressor units are needed that are suitable for a wide range of process requirements such as stability, flexible design, and a high efficiency rating.

Steam turbines

Steam turbines

Our steam turbines are applied either as a generator drive or as a mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. The modular design concept of all steam turbines ensures high flexibility and availability as well as reduced time-to-market.

References: More efficiency – thanks to perfectly tailored solutions

Whether for the implementation of our systems in new plants or for the migration in current operations: Our solutions and services enable more efficient and more intelligent production throughout the world. In our references, you can learn about our comprehensive industry expertise and customized solutions.

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Air separation plants must satisfy the most stringent requirements. Our solid expertise means we can ensure the processes in your plants are high-quality, safe and flexible, as well as being both resource and cost-efficient.