Bioethanol plants leading to the Digital Enterprise

Bioethanol plant of Usina Alto Alegre Group, Santa Inacio, Brasilia.

From the field to the filling station through fermentation

Whether in the form of pure bioethanol or as a gasoline additive, fuels from biomass replace oil, reduce greenhouse gases, and with second generation biomass even waste can be utilized efficiently and safely in your bioethanol plant. Our tailor-made solutions are as flexible as your plant and applied processes. As an operator or installer, you benefit from electrical standards such as IEC or NEMA and reduced costs (TCO) over the plants' lifetime.

Let our experts show you how the potential of bioethanol plants can be fully exploited.

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Portfolio for bioethanol production

Perfectly tailored for fermentation and distillation

Glucose (such as in sugar cane) or starch from plants such as corn can be converted into ethanol and other alcohols of any desired concentration by means of fermentation and distillation. Nowadays, more and more non-food biomass is being used for this type of production. Our integrated portfolio for automation, digitalization, and energy management is ideal for maximizing safety, flexibility, and efficiency. It is perfectly tailored to all areas of bioalcohol production.

Precise and safe from input to output

Even in the first process step of raw materials handling, we use precise processes to support delivery, weighing, analysis, and storage of feedstocks such as corn, sugar cane, vegetable waste, wood, or straw. This of course also applies to residual materials and by-products, which can be further marketed as, for example, animal feed or fertilizer,. In the entire field, even in hazardous zones, you can rely on our robust process instrumentation as well as safe drive and switching technology. Within the framework of energy management, we support combustion of residues and by-products for energy recovery and steam generation. These electrical or thermal energies increase the overall efficiency of your bioethanol plant. 

Reliable and with a great deal of experience for your bioethanol plant

As one of the leading suppliers of environmentally friendly processing technology, we offer an integrated range of solutions perfectly tailored to all areas of bioethanol production worldwide for more and more first and second generation bioethanol plants.

Processes in bioethanol plants

Our integrated portfolio for automation, digitization, energy management, and process instrumentation help to make your bio-alcohol production processes flexible, efficient and safe.

An all-inclusive service portfolio

rom plant design and engineering to process optimization and asset management: Our service portfolio includes all tools needed for bioethanol production. Our experts support you over the entire lifecycle with a comprehensive range of services. This includes Lifecycle Services as well as Digital Services and Consulting Services.


Successful projects in the bioethanol industry

More and more bioethanol plants are being built worldwide – as the No. 1 supplier of environmental technologies, we offer an integrated range of solutions that are being successfully used in numerous references.


Your experts for bioethanol production

An environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum is the use of renewable raw materials in biofuel production. Today, bioethanol is considered an attractive and economical solution. We would be happy to advise you.

Let our experts show you how the potential of bioethanol plants can be fully exploited.

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