Digital transformation in biomass gasification

Creating valuable gases with the Digital Enterprise, environmentally friendly

Converting biomass into syngas through thermochemical gasification is a clean and climate-friendly approach for producing high-quality products such as electricity, chemicals, or synthetic fuels. The production of biogas by means of the anaerobic, microbial breakdown of organic substances in biogas plants stands out for its good ecobalance and high fuel yield per acre.  After conversion it can be fed into the natural gas grid. In this way you make a contribution to environmental protection while maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

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Gas power

Valuable gases from biomass

Making biogas and syngas safely and efficiently 

We offer a synchronized portfolio for all areas of gas generation plants, processing, infeed, and material logistics as well as optimal and safe integration of automation and process engineering. For plant management, such as simulation or optimization of the gasification process, our digitalization solutions support aggregation and analysis of data, thus contributing to better decision-making.

Products and Solutions

Efficient and transparent throughout the process

Regardless of the raw material used or the size of the biogas plant or the used process, we offer the right products and solutions. These will enhance the productivity of your biogas plant and keep operating costs low.

Processes in biomass gasification 

From customized automation and control concepts to rugged devices and precise measurements: Our portfolio supports the optimization of the processes and quality in your plant.


Successful projects in the production of syngas and biogas

Biogas plays an important role in the renewable energy sector. Especially the economics of biogas plants stands in focus. See for yourself how our proven solutions have helped to optimize the efficiency of biogas production.


There for you, anytime, anywhere

Are you interested in cost-efficient implementation of your biogas plant? Would you like to know which new technologies are available and how we can support you with solutions tailored to your specific requirements? Then please feel free to contact us.

Our experts would be happy to answer your questions

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