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Low carbon hydrogen is an important building block aiming at decarbonizing entire industries as well as the energy and transportation sector. Siemens is committed to helping our customers in their transition to a clean energy future. Siemens is a supplier of core components for Electrification, Automation and Digitalization. With our hydrogen-enabled portfolio, we are serving Process OEM, EPC and end customers to build and operate equipment modules or entire plants along the hydrogen value chain – from H2-production, conversion, storage and transport to usage. Transforming the everyday to create a better tomorrow - We empower our customers to drive sustainable growth, transform their industries with a more appreciative interaction  of our planet’s resources.

Let’s talk how our portfolio and application know-how help you to grow in the hydrogen sector.

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An Electrolyzer system is one example of green hydrogen production provided it is powered by renewable electricity.

It consists of four package units:


  • Electrolyzer
  • Power supply- and rectifier unit
  • Water demineralization
  • Pressure adaptation unit (compressor)

With the Siemens Process Control, Process Instrumentation and Process Analytics and SINAMICS DCM DC Converters portfolio you get the required equipment for the electrolyzer from a single source.

One example regarding Mobility within the hydrogen value chain is the Filling Station.

At filling stations, reciprocating compressors are used for the high-pressure tanks, which build up a pressure of up to 1000 bar to fill H2 into a car tank at 700 bar. To avoid high temperatures, the hydrogen is cooled to -30 °C before it leaves the dispenser. Siemens equips H2 filling stations with proven products:

Storing Hydrogen is quite challenging. Known technologies include Liquification, Compression or Conversion to Methanol or Ammonia.

A new technology with promising properties in terms of energy density, safety and ease of use is Liquified Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC).

LOHC enables the chemical bonding of H2 molecules to a liquid and pumpable carrier for storage and transport (e. g. by truck, pipeline, ...).  The exothermic charging process requires a safety integrity level (SIL 3). The Siemens control systems and I/O meets the required safety standards.

Extend asset life-time of existing infrastructure by repurposing gas- pipelines for Hydrogen distribution. Siemens helps to make pipelines ‘Hydrogen-Ready’. This requires modifications to the process instrumentation for reliable metering including new certifications. It also affects compressors that change in nature and require new drives and motors

Power to X is the way to store H2 in a chemical with more convenient properties in terms of usability. For example, Methanol is produced by combining H2 generated from renewable power together with CO2 captured from other processes helping CO2 emissions reduction. Ammonia (NH3) can use existing infrastructure for storage (tankfarms) and transport (pipelines). Siemens products applied in the process:


The software gProms from PSE – a Siemens company – optimizes the design of fuelcells. The software models a digital twin of the fuel cell. It is capable of simulating chemical reactions on the diffusion layer. gProms helps the developer to avoid frequent prototyping and, ultimately, to minimize the usage of electrode materials such as platinum and iridium in Membrane Electrode Assemblys (MEA).


Data based validation of Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA):


  • Determine optimal materials for applications of interests
  • Validate cell model to predict behaviour of different cell designs using data
  • Characterise performance of catalysts and membranes


Get detailed information in our webinars on digital design solutions and model-based electrolyzer design.

Transforming the everyday to create a better tomorrow

Sustainability is an integral part of our business – it’s in our DNA. We empower our customers to drive sustainable growth and transform their industries.  With our DEGREE framework, we set strategic ambitions for the benefit of all our stakeholders on the key topics of environment, social and governance. 

Your partner along the hydrogen value chain.

Siemens contributes to successful process implementations in H2 production, conversion, storage, transport and usage. Contact us to learn more about your opportunities with Siemens as the reliable partner with a comprehensive portfolio at your side.

“For our first project in the US we benefited from Siemens’ expertise with international standards, especially with regard to the control cabinets. We also know that Siemens, we can rely on a partner with a worldwide presence.”
Dr. Daniel Teichmann, CEO of Hydrogenious






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