Continuous processes in chemical industry

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Competitiveness in the petrochemical and bulk chemical industries means big upfront investments, complex industrial dispersal, high resource and energy consumption and the need for optimizing lifecycle costs. Only reliable plants are capable of achieving essential yields, thereby contributing to the success of a business.

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Evolution of digital twin

The concept for the development and integrated use of a digital twin over the entire lifecycle of a

process plant. We touch various aspects and possible benefits of a digital twin realized in form of a demonstrator using the example of a steam cracker for ethylene production.

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The competitive pressures in the petrochemical and bulk chemical industries are enormous. Investments are high and plant lifecycles often span decades. With our solutions for plant optimization and process safety, also availability and performance, you can secure a competitive advantage over the long term.

Lifecycle solutions for increased availability and higher performance

Systematic efficiency improvement covers all areas and phases of a plant’s lifecycle. Innovative solutions such as the digital twin and comprehensive plant management permit the intelligent use of data in real time. The advantages are tremendous: Already during the engineering, you benefit from significantly faster project planning and high-quality results. Software tools enable seamless, also virtual commissioning, ensuring efficiency during continuous operation. They also permit the implementation of intelligent maintenance strategies, for example, with mobile or cloud applications. They thereby demonstrate how digitalization and smart data really pay off.

Special solution

Separation column

Seperation is used in lots of processes in chemical industries. A separation column must be precisely monitored to ensure plant availability and process accuracy throughout the lifecycle. At the same time, other processes or power consumption must be optimized – for more efficiency and security.

Use cases and concepts

Maintenance concepts for condition-based maintenance: asset performance management

The intelligent use of process data offers even more advantages. such as condition monitoring – for condition-based maintenance and optimized servicing strategies.

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We offer customized products and solutions from our comprehensive portfolio for the great challenges of petrochemical and bulk chemical industries.

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Services for the chemical industry

From plant designs and concepts to retrofits, from the development of new processes to the optimization of existing ones – with a global network of experts we can support you anytime and anywhere around the world over the entire lifecycle of your chemical plant.

Advanced process control

Advanced process control

The advanced control functions of the SIMATIC APC Library, for example, model predictive control (MPC), are a standard part of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. MPC is used, among other things, for quality control in distillation columns or to optimize energy consumption.

Safety Integrated

Safety Integrated

With our "Safety Integrated" concept, standard components of automation and drive unit concepts can be enhanced with safety functions. The innovative SIMATIC Safety Matrix safety lifecycle engineering tool is also a part of Safety Integrated. All of the measures are not only safety-related. They also significantly enhance plant performance.

Simulation and process optimization

Process simulation and modelling

Simulation and model-based solutions can improve processes. They shorten the time to market and help improve plant performance. SIMIT, gPROMS and PLM software enable virtual design, test, commissioning, operator training and manufacturing management. 

Industrial communication

Industrial communication

Digitalization and transparent information management require stable and secure communication. Standards, established interfaces such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and Industrial Ethernet, as well as wireless, remote, and RFID technologies permit seamless vertical and horizontal integration – at all levels and over the entire value chain.

Drive technology

Drive technology

Our drive technology is equipped for extreme conditions and furnished with explosion protection and numerous certifications. When integrated into the control system, data from the field becomes valuable information that contributes to the safe control of the entire plant.


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