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Digitalization of production processes and paperless production in fine and specialty chemicals

For many years, fine and specialty chemicals markets were on a robust growth path.

However, there is now significant overcapacity in some areas, with resulting cost pressure on manufacturers. This increases the pressure to improve both process efficiency and quality in production. Digital solutions for production management help to increase process transparency and lay the foundation for optimizing all aspects of the value chain.

Exemplary Use Cases

How the Digital Worker makes the difference in the field

See how the Digital Worker provides a new level of efficiency, safety, process reliability and plant availability – to help you stay ahead of any situation.

All process parameters constantly in view

Digital process control makes production processes more manageable than ever before. The field device level is currently visible at all times, right down to the individual sensor and actuator. A digital twin of the process flow allows all recorded process data to be merged in real time. This makes interrelation recognizable and comprehensible. Data become actionable information and allow targeted analyses and decisions. Not only in the control room, but also via mobile apps, either remotely or directly on site.

THINK neo: with the innovative SIMATIC PCS neo process control system

Control technology is a key lever for success in the process industry – all the more so if it is prepared for the enormous challenges of today and tomorrow. If it is re-imagined. Like SIMATIC PCS neo, the innovative, groundbreaking process control system from Siemens.

Our products for your solution

With customized products and solutions, we support you on your path to competitive and future-proof production.


From plant design to retrofit, to the development of new and optimization of existing processes – with a global network of experts, we support you at all times and worldwide throughout the entire life cycle of your chemical plant.

Advanced process control

Process control technology is the central element of the Digital Enterprise and the basis for your end-to-end digitalization concept. Consistent digitalization starts with plant engineering and extends to simulation, commissioning, automation, and efficient plant operation.

Simulation and process optimization

Simulation and model-based solutions significantly shorten your time-to-market and enable virtual material research, plant design and testing, commissioning and operator training.

Artificial and operational intelligence

With the digital transformation, large amounts of data are being generated. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used to structure, analyze and evaluate the huge volumes of data to shorten your reaction times due to detection of anomalies at the earliest stage.

Engineering and digital twin

Whether in plant engineering, plant operation or modernization: With the integrated software solution COMOS, you can ensure comprehensive plant management for the process industry – continuously and consistently.


Research and development (R&D) operations and laboratory solutions, advanced planning, quality management and manufacturing information are all part of our MOM/MES (Manufacturing Operations Management) solution for smarter production and better performance.

Measurement intelligence

With our portfolio for process instrumentation and process analytics, we offer the right solution for every measurement task. Find the right solution for your application – with our interactive process graphics in the respective subsegment.

Industrial communication

With a complete range of solutions for industrial networks, we support you in building an optimal foundation for digitalization. We accompany you on your way through the digital transformation from the very beginning.

Identification systems

With our portfolio of identification and localization systems, you can close the gap between the real and digital worlds of your cross-company data intelligence.

Energy management

End-to-end energy management is essential for production, reducing energy costs, increasing competitiveness and meeting regulatory requirements.

Power supply

An efficient power supply is a basic requirement for the operation of your plant. Chemical production processes can only be maintained if a constant power supply of the required quality is available for the automation system.

Safety Integrated

With our "Safety Integrated" concept, standard components of automation and drive concepts can be expanded with safety functions. At the same time, all measures significantly improve your plant's performance.

Building technology

With our intelligent building portfolio – from distributed energy and building automation systems, to security and fire protection systems and services, to asset performance and energy monitoring and optimization services – you have everything you need to create your perfect facility.

Drive technology

Our drive technology is equipped for extreme conditions, has explosion protection and numerous certifications. Integrated into the control system, data from the field becomes valuable information and contributes to the safe operation of the entire plant.

Digital supply chain management for end-to-end visibility

The entire supply and process chain is going digital. With digital supply streams and IT solutions, delivery processes can be automated from ordering from the supplier to delivery to the customer. Cloud-based IT platforms, such as Control Towers, provide an optimal overview.


More efficiency – thanks to perfectly tailored solutions

Whether for the implementation of our systems in new plants or a migration during ongoing operation. Take a look at our references and discover our comprehensive industry know-how and our customer-specific solutions for more efficient and intelligent production.