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Smart Office: Accelerate the digital transformation of your workplace

A new hybrid workplace is evolving, changing how and when people use the office. Workspaces need to be flexible and responsive to meet people’s and organizational needs. But how can you ensure the safety and well-being for people whilst delivering efficient building operation and business continuity? We can help you.

Workplace trends and challenges

Digitalization and the impact of global events has changed the work landscape on a global scale. Technology makes it possible to work from almost anywhere and has accelerated the move to hybrid working models, changing the way we are using and working in the office. A new approach is needed. Let us demonstrate how to address these challenges and transform your business by unlocking new opportunities through the digital transformation of your buildings. We can help accelerate your business goals with Siemens Xcelerator. 

Siemens Xcelerator

Accelerating the digital transformation

Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform and marketplace with the ambition to create a powerful ecosystem of partners who can jointly accelerate digital transformation tailored to your specific business goals. Making digital transformation easier, faster and at scale.

Build confidence with smarter and safer buildings  

Siemens can support all phases of your smart office journey and accelerate the digital transformation of your business with our flexible user-centric technology. From workplace apps and IoT solutions that create an amazing employee experience and enable healthy space and occupancy management, through to data driven insights to right-size your real estate and stay competitive. Visit our smart office resource centre to access the latest industry insights that address these challenges. 

It takes more than a desk to attract people into the office these days. The shift to activity based working means that people have a clear purpose when attending the office and the space they will need for their tasks, so planning ahead is key. Siemens workplace solutions can help people and businesses get the best out of their day and work environment, utilising the power of data to bridge the real and digital worlds.

A few clicks on the Comfy app is all it takes to help employees interact with a new hybrid workplace – enabling them to book spaces, find colleagues, and understand offered amenities and benefits. Once inside the building, intelligent technology and smart sensors from Enlighted generate data that can be utilized to understand usage patterns, occupancy and optimize space accordingly.

Discover how digital technology is accelerating the shift to hybrid working and create and amazing user experience in this webinar, The hybrid workplace is here to stay. How do you create an amazing employee experience in a hybrid workplace? 

The market for office real estate is changing, with customers demanding more short-time lease contracts, office-as a-service models, and the new normal of remote work leading to an overcapacity in office space. Real estate players need to adjust to this and embrace flexibility by enhancing their service portfolio and maximizing asset and real estate efficiency. Implementing space optimization services, creating new rent models outside of monthly contracts, and upgrading building technology infrastructure are some of the critical steps.

Learn more on benefits of IoT enabled workplace solutions in this whitepaper, The office future lies in flexibility.

Our technology and innovations empower customers to transform their organizations and the everyday experience for billions of people. By accelerating the digital transformation of buildings, we can interpret accurate building data and introduce digital solutions to make them more energy and resource efficient. With an ecosystem of open technology and IoT solutions, this will support the role of office buildings to become carbon-neutral and contribute to reducing global emissions.

Discover how offices are at the forefront of creating sustainable buildings and decarbonizing the real estate sector in our whitepapers. 

Smart offices can be created in just about any building, thanks to advanced building technology. One of the most important systems is a building management platform that ensures all disciplines interact optimally. Room automation, for example, assures a uniform control strategy and creates a perfect interaction between HVAC systems, lighting and shading. Building tenants benefit from individual comfort control and optimal air quality. But they want to feel safe too. This is where high-tech fire safety and security systems enter the picture. They ensure appropriate access and simplify security processes. What’s more, all systems are flexible and can be adapted quickly and inexpensively to new room requirements and layouts.

The answer to making your building cost-efficient while going easy on natural resources is: digitalization. Today’s networking capability and virtually unlimited computing power and storage provided by the cloud, allow a completely digitalized building life-cycle process. Sensors producing and evaluating data enable smart offices to respond intelligently to their environment. For example, by forecasting the weather, the user demand and the power consumption, they additionally optimize energy consumption. The cloud-based building and energy management platforms help you in creating a sustainable business and work environment. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that make this possible.  

Smart office: creating value for all stakeholders

Discover the benefits it can deliver

Corporate Real Estate teams

  • Delivering the right mix of spaces cost-effectively to support your businesses
  • Enhancing employee experience with digital platforms
  • Reaching your sustainability targets

Building owners and developers

  • Attracting the best possible tenants with smart and sustainable buildings
  • Future-proofing your assets, maintain attractiveness and value
  • Build-in flexibility to increase occupancy rate and maximize yields


  • Attracting and retain talents and employees
  • Providing spaces that support productivity and innovation
  • Optimizing your leased spaces

Facilities Management

  • Reducing operational expenses
  • Improving visibility and quality of your services
  • Enhance asset reliability and optimize building performance