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Working theories: What employees want from the future workplace

This whitepaper, created in collaboration with the New Statesman Media Group, looks at worker attitudes, requirements, and priorities in relation to future working models, following a period of unprecedented global change. As the “new normal” adopts firmer shape, what lasting changes have already taken hold? And how can enterprises define and execute a successful hybrid working strategy? As listening to one’s workforce is the first step, this report might be a good place to start.


Reading time: 15 minutes

Document length: 12 pages


Key learnings:

  • Employees are keen to see hybrid working models fully implemented. Nearly three-quarters of respondents cited improved work-life balance as major benefit of the hybrid model.
  • A majority cited a lack of social contact as main drawback of hybrid working, a requirement the future workplace will now need to address like never before.
  • As digital technologies will play a key role to understand employees’ preferences it is encouraging to see that a majority said they would be happy to use a workplace app.
    Still, with a number of respondents being not sure or unwilling to use a workplace app, employees need to be engaged and educated from the very start of implementation.
  • Looking on specific functions of a workplace app, a majority of respondents value the possibility to find and book a suitable workplace as well as the potential for a healthier work environment.

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