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Port terminals need to master the growing challenge of loading and unloading more and more containers safely, faster and more efficient from increasingly larger ships. This also means growing amounts of data that are produced at terminals – data, which can be turned into valuable knowledge that helps optimizing crane operation and increasing productivity.

Simulation: End-to-end optimization for cranes

Cranes are at the core of each terminal. Enhancing their performance and improving their efficiency directly translates into higher productivity and profitability. Building cranes for such demanding tasks is complex. That’s why simulation with Siemens Cranes reduces the risks of development and commissioning significantly. 


The software of cranes can be tested, updated and started-up risk-free in order to identify errors and fix them in advance. This results in fast planning, commissioning and implementation. You can evaluate the project’s outcome long before commissioning and benefit from first-time-right solutions. Siemens Cranes connects the real crane information to its simulated digital copy, allowing us to conduct tests with the real hardware in the loop.

Simulation tools

Unleashing the power of a fully virtual environment

Simulation tools from Siemens allow the application software to be tested and started up without an actual crane or terminal. Instead, the crane is simulated while our systems are connected to the control system via suitable interfaces.

Creating a digital twin for in-depth simulation

Test and optimize the performance of crane equipment and subsystems before commissioning – for example to synchronize drives with the requested performance data or also to verify the overall performance of a ship-to-shore crane. Based on the real crane information and the real hardware in the loop, Siemens Simulation allows to identify errors and fix them in advance. 


Virtual commissioning enables to validate the project results before real commissioning. It is possible to evaluate all machines, systems and subsystems long before the implementation of the new equipment. The system can be tested for validation purposes and can thus be installed more efficiently. 


In the virtual world, we can simulate critical situations with extreme conditions without risking the operator’s safety. In short, simulation tools from Siemens allow you to test borderline cases and emergency situations, in a safe environment, with the help of a digital twin of your equipment.

Customized training solution for local and remote operations

Thanks to digitalization, operator training can be optimized in a great way, without occupying the physical equipment. The Siemens Crane Simulator Platform is fully integrated into the SIMOCRANE™ control software. This enables two customized training facilities: for cabin and for remote operations.


The cabin facility consists of a full training simulator, providing experience for the operators through real crane control software – based on the real hardware in the loop. All training exercises can be customized to ensure seamless integration into specific training procedures.


The remote desk facility has two versions: a full training simulator, with total customized setup and a lean training simulator which focuses on developing skills specifically for remote operations. 

The digital lead of port terminals

Greater efficiency by merging the real and virtual worlds

Automate functions and optimize processes by utilizing the possibilities of the digital twin as well as consistent data models. Advanced algorithms, high-powered computing and cloud storage all facilitate the emergence of smart systems.
Better performance

Risk-free optimization of operations

With modern automation and digitalization solutions that are supported by simulations, terminals can already prepare themselves today to meet future demands like increasing loading capacities of container ships. This way, the can ensure that the shore side of their terminals is keeping pace with the demands coming from the ship side.

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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions that enable terminal operators to move huge cargo volumes with the utmost speed and efficiency.

This is Mindsphere!

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics. 


You want to connect and monitor your assets? Perform advanced analytics and predictive maintenance, or develop entirely new applications? MindSphere offers you a powerful platform for your digital transformation and a rapidly growing number of ready-to-use apps.


Explore your way to digitalization in the world of IoT. 

Siemens Product Lifecycle Management: the digital innovation

From product development to manufacturing and service, digitalization is creating extended value. Siemens PLM Software helps companies of all sizes around the world to transform their business and develop innovative products and services.


Our customers are better equipped to respond successfully to the challenges of digitalization. Our solutions optimize their processes from planning and development through manufacturing and lifecycle support to realize innovation.


Get to know how to Integrate these diverse processes into a cohesive, digital approach. 

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