SIMOCRANE Dual Cycling (DC) 

Siemens Dual Cycling

Strategicoperations to increase productivity 

Dual cycling is a semi-automatic application used along with sway control product that supports all working operation modes in a vessel, as loading and unloading sequence. Dual cycling mode can be used to improve the performance of ship to shore cranes by converting empty spreader moves into productive ones. Instead of single-cycling, containers are loaded and unloaded simultaneously.

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Smart technologies for harbors

Efficient Yard Operation in Container Terminal

Dual Cycling application allows the crane to carry a container while moving from the landside to the waterside and vice-versa. Doubling the number of containers transported in a cycle, Dual Cycling significantly improves container terminal efficiency with reasonable time and cost investment, increasing its productivity.
Dual-cycling strategy

Safe operations with Simplified Processes

Saving in cycle time starts at a planning stage, defining the loading location on the vessel to drop the container off and an unloading location above the vessel to pick up the container to be discharged. After having the target defined, the mode of operation can change from ‘discharge’ to ‘dual cycling’. Having a sequence of operations to carry out, the crane operator has only to configure and start the first movement and the system will perform all actions, permitting a flexible and simple work process.

In case of TOS connection, dual cycling provides visualization of loading and unloading containers. If a direct communication between TOS and STS is not yet available, the operator can give his commands via a human machine interface for efficient operations. The different modes of operations are defined and implemented. The crane operator can activate required operaton mode at the screens and follow the working mode by means of an easy and clear visualization. An user-oriented navigation provides the crane operator with important data identifying load and unloading locations. Therefore all movements become more safe and easy to perform. 

Dual cycling is a cost-reduction strategic method which does not require much investment on infrastructure. Increasing performance of existing cranes without introducing new equipment is key to a very cost-effective strategy. By improving quay crane operation, port terminals can reduce ship turn-around time and increase its productivity. 

In practice, Dual Cycling is feasible and beneficial without disrupting current operations. Savings in cycles and time can be quickly calculated and instructive informed in the screens. The operator work becomes more flexible, clear and easy to perform.

Maximizing savings

Dual cycling improves productivity at less cost. Each time two single cycles are replaced by one double cycle, the distance traveled by the crane is reduced, saving valuable time and energy. 


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