SIMOCRANE Remote Control Operation System (RCOS)


RCOS provides maximized production with security and safe crane operations 

The growth in vessel size creates the need to provide a solution which maintains the efficiency of cargo handling. Embracing this challenge, Siemens has taken the next step in automation developing an efficient Remote Control Operation System (RCOS). Using the latest camera zoom technologies together with an innovative assistance using automatic functions, the remote operator acts when necessary working from a comfortable and safe environment. The main role of the operator is to initiate the operation and supervise the automated movements. RCOS developed by Siemens can work non-stop, providing a more consistent use of the crane, increasing its lifetime and reducing damage, thus having a positive effect on the output.

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RCOS at a glance

Optimum crane performance

RCOS delivers a complete end-to-end crane control solution from operator login, carrying out operations, to operator logout. The Remote Control Station can be situated anywhere on the terminal when associated with a reliable and low latency network connection. RCOS assists operators to carry out their work assignments by presentation of all task-dependent information on a human-machine interface which is tailored to the cognitive and physical capabilities of a human operator.

Better views and automatic functions 

With Siemens RCOS, port terminals achieve productivity comparable to conventional cabin-controlled cranes. It uses a PROFINET protocol that enables crane control with low latency and therefore a high degree of predictability. The system is supported by strategically positioned cameras that automatically track the movements of the spreader and customer specific processes.


The screens are planned according to human cognitive ability so only relevant and easy to understand information is shown. The smart screens automatically change the view to follow the process as the operator performs a movement which allows the operator’s tasks to be carried out without distractions.


Siemens understands that every terminal has its own processes and demands. Therefore, every project can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements. By doing this, the RCOS achieves its full potential.

Test and validate the system in advance with virtual commissioning 

The virtual commissioning provides a clear viewpoint of the project results. Newly developed systems and software can be tested directly in a realistic and representative environment. Any changes can be instantly verified, allowing for rapid solving of issues and well-tested software.


Thereafter the result is shorter time for planning, commissioning and implementation of the project. By using the digital twin for planning and commissioning, the time to implement RCOS is reduced. With the support of digitalization, the RCOS system is built in a solid and reliable way. 


Digitalization can integrate the real and virtual worlds, accelerating processes and improving quality. Siemens Cranes can connect the real crane information to its simulated digital copy, which allows us to identify errors and fix them in advance.

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Remote controls, close cooperation

Optimal RCOS solutions for cranes require a deep understanding of the market and sophisticated automation systems. Siemens is bringing both to the table and is also supporting you with consultation and a reliable partnership.

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