SIMOCRANE Crane Management System (CMS)

Key visual Harbor Cranes Crane Management System

The right information at the right time 

SIMOCRANE Crane Management System (CMS) is the centerpiece visual representation for cranes. Siemens‘ CMS combines the best technology available for crane operators, maintenance crew and managers to collect and disclose important information at the right time. Connecting relevant operating and diagnostic messages along with an easy- to-use interface, the system empowers the operator to efficiently manage the crane.

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Smart technologies for harbors

Complex data transformed into simple information

Based on the right data, CMS enables the operator to take fast actions, minimizing crane downtime and optimizing its operation.

Intuitive interface to optimize crane operation 

Siemens‘ CMS graphic interface is intuitive, engaging and tightly aligned to the work objectives and workflow on a day-to-day basis. The icons and colors form a smart interface leading the users to their target in just a few steps, transforming complex data in simple information. Smart objects are used to obtain easy and fast detailed information of crane maintenance for scheduling replacement of components by the maintenance team. 


CMS stores the crane data in an intelligent way enabling the operator to take fast actions, minimizing crane downtime and optimizing the crane operation. Thanks to the special SQL arrangement of data in tables, it is easy to extract the right information. Also it is possible to remotely access all this information by means of graphic representation via Remote Crane Management System - RCMS: a web-based remote overview of all cranes information management system. 

An excellent usability with smart engineering functionalities

Maintenance crew and operators are supported with all possible operational, load cycle and service relevant information. As result, crane downtimes are shortened, and the availability of cranes and the complete chain is enhanced. From simple to complex architectures, CMS relies on the well-established SIMATIC product family resulting in the most advanced visualization application. 

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Next generation in the world of big data

Get insight into the crane information with RCMS

Siemens‘ Remote Crane Management System (RCMS) collects all data from the cranes in operation. It is possible to remotely access all this data by means of graphic representation via RCMS. A web-based remote overview of information that can easily be analyzed delivers the right information, at the right time. RCMS provides central monitoring of several cranes from one or more access points.

RCMS - Remote Condition Monitoring

RCMS offers important information regarding KPI‘s, crane status, faults and equipment’s condition monitoring minimizing cranes‘ down-time. RCMS can be accessed via a secure wireless connection or via cable from the control room or from a monitoring location.


RCMS can handle large amount of data from different cranes at the same time and perform comparison functions between different crane components. This function facilitates to extract information in real time and supports the decision about optimization of crane operation in the next phases of shift operational strategies.


Data retrieving and data storage

You can optimize crane operations performing quick and reliable diagnosis. SIMOCRANE CMS provides additional modules as Replay & Playback functions in order to perform post-actions evaluations when the cranes are not performing as scheduled. In a harbour, every minute counts. Based on data structured modules from every crane to RCMS system the cranes' operators and maintenance personnel are able to take fast and reliable actions in order to reduce crane downtimes.

Whatever time or type of crane is being operated, the whole actions performed by the crane operator or via remote control desks are registered and logged into the MS SQL database of each CMS station. In a later stage these actions and crane maneuvers are to be visualized in screens on CSM remote stations contributing to the understanding and optimizing crane operations in complex situations. The replay controller implemented into the CMS station by SIEMENS provides key benefits for data retrieving and data storage at any moment of time.

CMS Benefits

The most advanced visual application

Connecting relevant operating and diagnostic messages along with an easy- to-use interface, the system empowers the operator to efficiently manage the crane.

Added value by using SIMOCRANE CMS from SIEMENS

Training and support

SIEMENS provides next to the comprehensive product portfolio for crane solutions many other advantages such as: training courses for operators, comprehensive documentation of the products, testing facilities for customer solutions as well after sales and project support.


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