SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control (DBSC)

 Drive-Based Sway Control

Increase productivity with Advanced TechnologySway Control

Each trolley and gantry movement of a crane with a rope suspended load results in sway. This makes positioning more difficult and causes stress on the crane structure. Handling takes longer time and collision may occur.  The main task of the sway control system is to eliminate sway and to automatically position with sway control. This can relieve the crane driver and increase the productivity.

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Designed specially for mid-performance cranes

A compact solution to eliminate sway

Load oscillations are incited each time a crane is accelerated or decelerated. DBSC ensures that these oscillations are eliminated in order to transport the crane quickly and safely.

A compact solution for most crane applications

The SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control solution has been designed to address the mid-performance market and it is embedded in SINAMICS drives. This solution supplements the existing high-performance SIMOCRANE Sway Control Systems.


The system can be used with or without SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology. Both technologies  provide a compact solution within the SINAMICS world for most crane applications in the mid-performance market.


SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control is suitable for OHBC and Gantry  cranes, like: coil cranes, incineration cranes, metal handeling cranes, etc.


Single-axis and multi-axis solutions

Siemens provides both single-axis and multi-axis solutions depending on the drive configuration using SINAMICS CU310-2 or CU320-2.


Reduce sway - trolley and gantry

The main function of the Drive-Based Sway Control is to reduce sway when moving trolley and crane gantry. The system is embedded in SINAMICS S120 as an additional software. It can be easily integrated into SINAMICS setpoint channel.

 Requirements to be fulfilled:

  • Load sway is controlled in manual mode and positioning mode. In manual mode, the velocity is given by crane drivers, for example, by a master switch. In positioning mode, the target position is given, for example, by a higher-level PLC control system.
  • After stopping the sway-controlled axis or after reaching the predetermined constant velocity there is only very small load swing or even no load-swing.
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Accurate positions with safety

Efficient and reliable crane operations

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