SIMOCRANE Straight-run Control System (CeNIT)


Straight-run controller for EOT/OHB cranes

Prevent excessive wear of crane track wheels and rails which is caused by off-tracking. Many factors can contribute to the extensive wear of wheels and rails but some simple steps can be taken to prevent this from happening. With Straight-Run Controller SIMOCRANE CeNIT it is possible to avoid off-tracking by guiding the crane parallel to the rail track and therefore significantly reduces the wear of wheels and rails. 

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Save money and time in the long run

Extend the life-cycle of crane wheels

The task of the SIMOCRANE CeNIT is to specifically align the crane to the rail center line by applying different drive speeds and thus keeps the crane at its position.

Accurate crane positioning

If the crane travels too far to the left, then it is adjusted to the right. If it is centered, then it travels straight ahead. In most applications, the controller ensures that the crane moves along the reference line (track center line) in a 5 mm tolerance. The wheel flange does not contact the rail.


Reducing crane wheel failures


The actual cause for significant wear of a crane can frequently not be determined or resolved. But you can avoid, for instance, excessive off-center loads or uneven by driving forces. 


When using the straight-run controller “SIMOCRANE CeNIT”, it is possible to control the crane in such a way that off-tracking is prevented. It guides the crane parallel to the rail track therefore significantly reducing the wear of wheels and rails.


Application conditions


The SIMOCRANE CeNIT is primarily suited for EOT/OHB cranes where increased wear of track wheels and rails is observed or can be expected. Both sides of the crane must be equipped with a converter drive that can be continuously controlled (long travel). It must be possible to mount sensors at both ends of a head beam. SIMOCRANE CeNIT successfully used on EOT/OHB cranes in various applications involving coil store cranes, scrap cranes or tambour cranes.

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Avoid crane off-tracking

The main function of the SIMOCRANE CeNIT is to adjust a crane to stay centered on the rail track. It comprises a programmable logic controller (PLC) and inductive sensors.


The control is usually housed in a control cabinet located on the crane bridge. The sensors are mounted at both ends of a head beam. Special brackets are included in the delivery scope to simplify sensor mounting.

Adaptation to diverse temperature conditions

The controller can be adapted to the specific crane conditions using the integrated webserver of the S7-1200. The sensors can be used between –25°C and 70 °C. The controller operates in the temperature range from 0 °C up to 50 °C.

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