SIMOCRANE Crane Management System (CMS)

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SIMOCRANE CMS: The right information at the right time 

With SIMOCRANE CMS you can build any type of application in the industry cranes market using state of the art Crane Management System from SIEMENS. From simple to complex configurations, CMS solution can keep the monitoring of the entire crane portfolio at high level, performing fast diagnosis and intervene about the right moment to perform maintenance. For any type of cranes in the industry sector, either for metallurgical plants, automotive industry, production facilities or chemical plants, take the right decision at the right time by using SIMOCRANE CMS.  

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Smart technologies for industries

Complex data transformed into simple information

Using SIMOCRANE CMS you can perform advanced reporting and data analytics to maximize the throughput by crane optimization based on data mining. Siemens' CMS combines excellent usability with smart engineering functionalities.

Intuitive interface to optimize crane operation 

Siemens‘ CMS graphic interface is intuitive, engaging and tightly aligned to the work objectives and workflow on a day-to-day basis. The icons and colors form a smart interface leading the users to their target in just a few steps, transforming complex data in simple information.


Based on the right data, CMS enables the crane driver to take fast actions, minimizing crane downtime and optimizing its operation. It is possible to remotely access all this data by means of graphic representation via Remote Crane Management System (RCMS). A web-based remote overview of information that can easily be analyzed delivers the right information, at the right time.

Next generation in the world of big data

Right decisions and best performance

With Crane Management System solution you can keep the monitoring of the entire crane portfolio at high level. With CMS you can decide about the right moment to perform maintenance on the crane and intervene fast and promptly when problems appear.

The CMS Lean package is specially designed for industry cranes offering an easy and fast solution on Crane Management System. The package is based on SIMATIC WinCC SCADA from SIEMENS using state of the art SCADA solutions for crane maintenance and diagnosis.


The standalone configurations consist of hardware and software in one package. The hardware can rely on industrial PC’S from the family SIMATIC from SIEMENS, such as  touch panels (e.g. screen 12’’, 15’’, 19’’) or compact and robust industrial IPC’s with embedded solutions with no moveable parts, e.g. SSD card, no fan, integrated cooling system.

Communication from cranes to a centralized data system, performing diagnosis and crane maintenance is possible thanks to the SIMOCRANE Centralized Crane Management System - CCMS. Via a remote CCMS station the maintenance personnel can fast and accurate determine the status of cranes of the entire crane park. Each crane has a specific ID with makes possible the identification for faults on the centralized database MS SQL.


Using server – client architecture based on web interfaces, the information can be distributed on the maintenance or management team for extracting the most important information from the crane operation. At the same time, the web clients can be activated on each crane from the centralized CCMS station to retrieve data from each specific crane number related to PLC or drives and motors for performing crane operation and maintenance easy and fast.


Mobile devices with switch function from one crane to another from one mobile client can be used for easily accessing the information in the most elegant form.

CMS Benefits

The most advanced visual application

Connecting relevant operating and diagnostic messages along with an easy- to-use interface, the system empowers the operator to efficiently manage the crane.

Added value by using SIMOCRANE CMS

SIEMENS provides next to the comprehensive product portfolio for crane solutions many other advantages such as: training courses for operators, comprehensive documentation of the products, testing facilities for customer solutions as well after sales and project support.

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