Avoiding the five bottlenecks of data center planning and management

The growth of a data center or data center network is too often constrained by its own design, management practices, production objectives, and resource priorities. When we treat the data center more as an organic entity rather than a human endeavor, we constrain its evolution, to the detriment of both its operators and its customers. In this report, we call your attention to five such constraints that may be commonly found in data center growth plans.


Reading time: 20 minutes

Document length: 12 pages


Key learnings from this report:

  • The choice of location is not only about the geography and physics of connectivity, but also about responsibility and authority. The location determines who your company will deal with in terms of building permits, construction and energy.
  • To meet customer requirements, a connectivity strategy is required that includes multiple connections to a system. Interconnectivity planning is central to this strategy.
  • One way to ensure sustainable, scalable resource utilization is a pay-as-you-grow plan that combines flexible building design with component-based infrastructure.