Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Operate and manage your data center through a single pane of glass with Datacenter Clarity LC​

Datacenter Clarity LC links facility management with IT management and integrates information from various subsystems into one platform. This includes information form energy management, building management, fire safety, physical security and IT equipment. 

Make your data center profitable: how forecasting can deliver incredible value.

Data centers are critical components of modern enterprises and should be used to drive business, not hinder it. In these environments, it is not only essential to have continuous monitoring in place, but also to effectively manage capacity and discover hidden potential.

Bringing clarity to your data center​

Datacenter Clarity LC is designed to drive immediate advantages today, while future-proofing your architecture of tomorrow. With over 450 communication protocols including BACnet, SNMP, OPC, DNP3, Modbus, IPMI and more, Datacenter Clarity LC is designed to be open, flexible and scalable to allow you to collect millions of points within milliseconds.​


The core benefits of the technology ​

  • Manage your facilities and your clients with a multi-site, multi-tenant infrastructure platform​

  • Access your data anywhere and anytime to ensure uptime and address upcoming issues​

  • Benefit from a single pane of glass with high-level dashboards for Key Performance Indicators such as PUE​

  • Simplify operations with a native 3-D visualization of your data center infrastructure (digital twin)​

  • Ensure real-time monitoring and reporting of any kind of asset (e.g. UPS systems, cooling units, in-rack PDU’s and IT equipment) ​

  • Manage your asset lifecycle through an extended set of attributes, document affiliation, pre-defined reports, customizable dashboards and real-time monitoring data​

  • Get rid of spread sheet files through accurate inventory management, capacity planning and forecasting ​

  • Improve staff productivity by standardizing workflows and issuing work orders to the right people at the right time ​

  • Manage your power and network connections with real-time what-if scenarios​

  • Simulate offline what-if scenarios with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict airflow and temperature distribution​

  • Get ready to share data or integrate the application with third party software through API


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