Data Center Hub

The Data Center Hub

Data centers talk – we translate what they say

Handling the vast amount of data that is produced in a data center every day is complex and time consuming. With Data Center Hub we bring full insight into the live and historical data of your data center. This solution makes it easy for anybody to make efficient use of their data center data, to act on what really matters.

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Data centers talk – we translate what they say

63% of data centers do not have a standard set of management tools, leading to the lack of transparency. If needed information is not available at all or is presented in a way that immediate and correct action is not possible, an unplanned outage can occur.

The Data Center Hub monitoring software complements our data center portfolio, enabling effective operation of small to medium-sized colocation and enterprise data centers. Data Center Hub is a cloud-based application that provides live monitoring, automated analysis and advanced reporting of historical infrastructure performance data, using state of the art IoT connectivity and analytics. With Data Center Hub you can personalize your cockpit to be intuitive to your operations with user-defined KPIs. Additionally, you can access all the data that matters on any device and the notifications system will ensure you avoid any potential risks.