White Space Cooling Optimization

White Space Cooling Optimization

Our solution in partnership with Vigilent continuously optimizes the airflow in your facility, delivering improved reliability and availability. The system automatically finds and eliminates hot spots, while its comprehensive reports and tools facilitate easier operations management. Our system delivers the right amount of cooling exactly where it’s needed. This typically results in up to a 40% reduction in your cooling energy bill. We achieve that with sophisticated AI-based technology that learns your environment and adapts to change.

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White Space Cooling Optimization

White Space Cooling Optimization delivers dynamic cooling management for the data center data hall. The solution, delivered in partnership with the company Vigilent, uses an on-premise software leveraging data from a dense sensor mesh and an advanced machine learning model to analyze and automatically optimize the cooling distribution on rack-level. Main customer benefits are increased thermal reliability (the solution dynamically manages a maximum rack temperature much more closely and reliably) and energy savings.
  • Thermal reliability
    - Automatic hotspot reduction + visual guidelines for ongoing improvement
    - Increase reliability through intelligent maintenance
  • Energy savings
    - 38% ongoing cooling energy savings averaged across 500+ installations
    - 5 to 10% PUE improvement
    - < 3 years simple payback
  • More IT
    - New capacity for IT expansions 

Siemens will coordinate on-site deployment and software setup, savings will be documented against baseline. Customers have access to the system user interface, delivering equipment and cooling performance insights via dashboards, influence maps, trends etc. as well as notification tab reports on alarms by criticality.


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