Security for data centers

Physical security for data centers

Maximum business continuity

From perimeter protection, gate control and intrusion detection, to access control and visitor management, our extensive portfolio helps protect data centers against a host of security threats. To begin, we draw up a strategy based on expert assessments in which vulnerabilities are identified. A security management system should be easy to operate, so all systems are integrated with a user-friendly interface that increases visibility, responsiveness, and control. With smart planning and expert technology, Siemens helps you to protect the operational processes of your data center and ensure business continuity.

Whitepaper: Maximize your reputation by minimizing downtime

Whitepaper: Maximize your reputation by minimizing downtime

The need for uptime in data centers is crucial as access to data becomes the basis of business continuity around the globe. Yet, data center outages are unfortunately not uncommon and all too often they cause significant financial and reputational damage to the operator. In this whitepaper we explore nine different physical security use cases and explain how the right solutions can help you to minimize downtime.


Our experience makes the difference – and it continues to grow. Mastering today’s data center challenges is one thing, but to stay ahead of the competition, you need a reliable partner with a comprehensive portfolio and the ingenuity to make real, what truly matters.