Support for distributors

Siemens supports electrical wholesalers with catalogs, product information and presentation materials

Working together to benefit your customers

Consistently meeting growing requirements is a task that electrical wholesale is confronted with on a daily basis. We are happy to support you in this: eith market-based product classification standards such as ETIM, eCl@ss, and UNSPSC/IDEA and the latest marketing materials and information on our products via the Siemens Partner Information Manager.

Exclusively for our distribution partners, tailored to your requirements, always up to date.

Siemens Partner Information Manager for distributors
In the Siemens Partner Information Manager you’ll find catalogues, brochures, advertising packages, online banner, movies, and much more.
Siemens Partner Information Manager

Your first address for information

The Siemens Partner Information Manager facilitates access for our partners to the latest information and marketing materials about our products. Here you’ll find catalogues, brochures, advertising packages, online banner, movies, and much more. It’s the information base for your employees, for your trainings, for your sales meetings, for your customers, for your sales promotion.


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Please access with your existing login data or contact your local Siemens manager if you do not have access yet.


From a traditional supplier to a digital partner

What does digitalization mean for distributors? On the one hand they can get closer to the customer, on the other they can generate additional value. Consistent data and interfaces, new service offerings, and data-based business models create competitive advantages over providers that remain sole product suppliers.

Digitalization changes everything – including the way we buy thingsOptimal product data improve visibility in the Web and simplify the buying decision. This becomes even easier with the electrical technical information model (ETIM). This well established standard is language-independent thanks to standardized de- and encoding and can be implemented into existing software easily.


Ensure your support quality

Benefit from optimized assistance – to offer your customers best possible service.
Product overview

Working together – growing together

You don’t have to face market challenges alone. For Siemens, distributors are more than just a sales channel. As genuine partners, we benefit from one another and create new business opportunities together – always focusing on our shared customers’ needs for information, support, and the best products for their applications.