By using the example of a potato chips production we show how blockchain-technology can ensure complete traceability of products in order to improve consumer’s trust in both brand and products.

From farm to table. Completely traceable.

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Blockchain and the Internet of Things

Trusted Traceability

The best of both worlds

The introduction of blockchain technology has already seen widespread impacts in the financial industry. As the technology matures it now seems ripe to tackle challenges the food and beverage industry has long faced, such as: recalls due to contamination, counterfeiting, and meeting new consumer trends. Previously, the challenges of collecting and transferring data to the blockchain in industrial environments has threatened its feasibility.


However, with the prevalence of internet access, cloud computing, and the decreasing cost of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now possible to generate, manage, and communicate data effectively. In combination, blockchain and the Internet of Things have the ability to generate immediate benefits and revolutionize food and beverage supply chains.

Digitalizing the supply chain 

Siemens cloud-based IoT operating system – MindSphere – provides the perfect means to capture data across supply chains. Ready-made blockchain applications on MindSphere make it easy to subscribe and contribute. These applications also allow companies to limit information viewing privileges. In this way, sensitive information can be kept behind closed doors, while exposing only critical information to other Members of the supply chain. Data from shop-floor systems, equipment, and IoT sensors are packaged and sent through secure cloud gateways to the blockchain. 


Siemens is actively developing both modules for its existing software and custom IoT sensors to send data directly to the blockchain.

Trusted Traceability: Blockchain and the Internet-of-Things

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White paper

Blockchain in the food and beverage industry

Blockchain technology enables products in the food and beverage industry to be tracked transparently throughout their entire life cycle – from the field all the way to the kitchen. Read our white paper to learn how we enable complete traceability for the F&B industry with the help of this technology and the IoT OS MindSphere.

Scanning the QR-Code

Benefits for the consumer

By scanning the QR-Code, the consumer is able to trace the origin and the path of the product and also retrieves detailed and batch exact information.

Transparent supply chain for food traceability

① Genuine Product

Be sure your product and its ingredients are safe, secure, and genuine. 


② Wholesale and supermarket

Get detailed information about where the product has last been stored.


③ Producer

Find out the source location and get detailed information about the producer of your product. 


④ Timestamp

All products are marked with a secure best-by-date.

Quality check

Production and ingredients

Check out the source of each component of your product as well as the location where it has been produced.

① Potato

Take a look at the fields and growing regions.


② Oil

See where the sunflower oil is produced.


③ Herbs

Check out on the origin of the herbs.


④ Factory

See the location of the production site and be sure that the product was made locally.

Track & trace

Siemens Blockchain

How it works

A recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analysis that compared an IoT-plus blockchain solution to an IoT solution without blockchain could, “achieve net savings equal to 0.6% of revenues,” on logistics and storage alone.

Gain transparency and traceability with Siemens Blockchain running on MindSphere

Each process step along the value chain produces data. The generated data and information are collected in Siemens MindSphere – the cloud-based open IoT operating system. MindSphere buffers all useful information before forwarding only a critical subset to the Blockchain, which then represents a tamper proof chain of custody. Siemens Blockchain then makes sure the collected data is safe and transparently accessible to everyone who is part of the consortium.

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