Siemens digitizes bonÁrea's circular economy process.

Siemens takes bonÀrea's circular economy process into the digital era

Siemens has increased the agri-food giant's productivity by 10%, providing it with the first comprehensive industrial cybersecurity and connectivity standard.
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The challenge

Connectivity, digitalization, and productivity

A huge new logistics center in Épila (Zaragoza) was needed to cater for bonÀrea’s spectacular growth. Covering an area of 170 hectares, the logistics center will include 13 industrial buildings that need to be fully automated, digitalized, and integrated into the network with existing factories and services.

Siemens, with its portfolio of products, can offer the customer a complete connectivity standard, integrating IT and OT.

  • The solution is a complete network standard providing services for all customer sites, factories, and premises.
  • It is a fully scalable model.
bonÀrea Group, Spain

From field to fork

In 1959, a group of people hailing from Guissona and nearby villages saw the enormous agricultural, livestock farming, and industrial potential in the area. This led to their establishing the Guissona Poultry Cooperative. Over 60 years later, this cooperative has evolved to become bonÀrea Agrupa, a food corporation employing 5,700 people with a turnover of around €2,000 million.

Committed to the environment and society

bonÀrea (Corporación Alimentaria Guissona S.A.), offers a multitude of services. Although its origins and main activity are focused on a supermarket chain, it also owns gas stations, electricity distribution companies, and sports facilities. The company is headquartered at Guissona, Catalonia, Spain. The group’s main business segment is the production and sale of food and beverages. What makes the group unique, however, is the implementation of a completely circular production cycle: farms, distribution, and stores, where orders are managed through an e-commerce system. This way they can provide food “from field to fork.”

Siemens has been working with us for years to put our philosophy, from field to fork, into practice. They helped us automate our processes decades ago, and in recent years we’ve been working closely together to digitalize and connect them.
Marc Masses, Head of Digitalization, bonÀrea Agrupa
Solution details

The first comprehensive industrial cybersecurity and connectivity standard

Connectivity represents the foundations of digitalization for bonÀrea's rapid growth. The solution was to install a comprehensive connectivity standard: XC200 providing PN communication, the Scalance SC600 for network segmentation and the industrial backbone, and our XR500 for OT/IT connectivity functions. The whole system is managed by SINEC NMS and is remotely accessible through SINEMA RC for both internal users and suppliers.
Siemens developed the first comprehensive industrial cybersecurity and digital connectivity standard. Fully scalable, it can be integrated with other facilities bonÀrea has been using for decades.
Eugenio Moreno, Head of Digital Connectivity Solutions at Siemens Digital Industries Spain

With the invaluable collaboration of otpoint, our solution partner

bonÀrea now has a comprehensive industrial network standard model that offers connectivity, cybersecurity, remote access, and network management. The support of Siemens as a technology partner and otpoint as a solution partner was an essential part of this.

With the know-how provided by Siemens, we have increased the efficiency of our production system by over 10%, improved management, and significantly reduced downtime
Albert Vendrell, Head of New Installations, bonÀrea
bonÀrea's collaboration with Siemens doesn't end there. The foundations have been laid for Industry 5.0, coming soon. Thanks to the integration of the agri-food group’s network, the company will be able to reap the benefits of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and digital twins.
Sergio Otero, Siemens Digital Industries Digitalization Specialist

Simply put, it’s a solution that pays off.

A good harvest has its origins in good seed, and thanks to close cooperation with Siemens, the digitalization era is now germinating at bonÀrea.
A fully comprehensive solution

Integrated, scalable, and efficient

The technology adopted is extremely flexible when expanding the network infrastructure; communications can be adapted to meet industrial requirements, incorporating traffic from different services and applications. With the Siemens Plan Simulation design software, the entire flow of goods can be recreated at either of the bonÀrea Group’s two production units: the one currently operational in Guissona and the new facility opening next year in Épila.