SISTAR® – the perfect mix.

SISTAR is economical, easy to manage, and continuously scalable process automation solution for foodstuff facilities of all sizes

The easily scalable process automation system

SISTAR ® process automation system is the first choice for process automation at facilities of all sizes in the food and beverage industry. It is economical, easy to manage, seamlessly scalable, enables fast engineering, offers easy reporting, is extremely stable in operation, and delivers precise results.

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Automated control over all processes with SISTAR

SISTAR control system enables fast, fully scalable and at the same time simple and reliable process automation for the food and beverage industry. The standard edition of SISTAR is used up to the largest food and beverage production facilities at globally distributed locations. SISTAR as Lean Edition fits perfectly for smaller applications and operations, e.g. small dairies, cheese dairies, bakeries, beverage or animal feed producers.

Grows in step with your production requirements

The easy, seamless scalability of SISTAR makes tasks such as recipe control, mixing, dosing, material management, and reporting much simpler. Starting with low-cost entry into the world of process automation, you can expand to the full SISTAR system range that suits your needs.

Fast reports and MES/MOM integration

Built-in batch reports and other ad hoc reports are providing the needed transparency for an efficient production. Additionally, the PM-ADDON PM-QUALITY enables online generation of reports with easy operations on demand.

Several connectivity options like SQL adapter or OPC UA are used for a seamless integration of the OPcenter execution system to use MES/MOM functionalities.

Excellent investment in security and long-term availability

SISTAR supports the new SIMATIC S7-1500 controller family. SISTAR also enables maximum plant availability and productivity, since SISTAR and Windows operating system updates can be performed during live operation without interrupting the production process. An expansion of systems with installed SIMATIC S7-400 controller is of course possible.

Respond faster to new demands with ease

The powerful, scalable, and easy-to-manage SISTAR process control system enables end-to-end automation of recipe-controlled processes. That makes tasks such as recipe control, dosing, material management, and reporting a whole lot simpler. That means companies can achieve the flexibility needed to produce the growing number of seasonal and personalized products efficiently.

Fully automated material transfers

SISTAR uses Route Control for fully automated material transfer including the needed navigation. Besides the material movement Route Control is ideal for efficient clean-in-place operations.

Maximum performance for the smallest businesses

SISTAR Lean from Siemens is the world’s smallest complete process automation system, which is ideal for small foodstuff plants or sections of plant capable of being integrated into the overall system at any time.

It uses the SIMATIC ET 200SP open controller or an industrial PC, and can be expanded from four to a maximum of 40 units as required. SISTAR Lean is limited to one controller, but otherwise offers the same functions as the standard SISTAR system.

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Innovative concepts for the food and beverage industry

Discover proven digitalization concepts for existing and new systems in the food and beverage industry, with which you can secure competitive advantages. In the practice-oriented webinars you will learn how our customers were able to optimize their systems successfully and how you can implement these findings for your company.

SISTAR Portfolio

One system for all requirements

Using the SISTAR portfolio, you can configure your individual system for process automation based on your company’s specific requirements, from very small to very large.

To run SISTAR you need a PC, a SIMATIC S7‑1500 controller or SIMATIC ET 200SP open controller, and a license for the server. The functions and performance of this minimal configuration can be expanded as required. The SISTAR Lean Edition contains four units, which can be expanded to a maximum of 40. The SISTAR Standard Edition can be boosted to accommodate any number of units. SIMATIC Safety may be easily integrated and means safety for humans and machines at all times. And if you have any questions, our experts will be there to help.

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The latest developments and functionalities of SISTAR at a glance

Meeting current and future customer requirements quickly and with the highest quality – this is the aim of the process control system´s continuous further development. The focus is primarily on higher performance and transparency for the processes of the food and beverage industry.

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Powerful performance

SISTAR meets all the requirements of an effective process automation system, even for the largest foodstuff plants.

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