Greater flexibility and productivity for the soft drink industry with Digital Enterprise


Digitalization facilitates rapid changes in production

The soft drink market is characterized by frequently changing and often short-lived trends. To stay ahead of the competition over the long term, soft drink manufacturers must be able to rapidly adapt their production to new requirements at all times – and to always work efficiently and produce optimal quality. Digitalization with the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio gives them the flexibility they need to accomplish this while also boosting energy efficiency. Solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of soft drink production ensure reliable production processes and product quality that can be reproduced at all times.

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Digital Enterprise Virtual Summit – On demand recording for the food and beverage industry

Experience the Virtual Summit highlights now

The summit featured first-hand experiences and success stories achieved with industrial digitalization and automation solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. Here you find a selection of videos especially for the food and beverage industry.


From paper to cloud with Coca Cola European Partners

Next level flexibility with the Digital Enterprise in the food and beverage industry

Digital Twin

The comprehensive Digital Twin in detail

The holistic approach of the Digital Enterprise for creating Digital Twins offers tangible benefits: You can substantially reduce the number of prototypes you need, predict the performance of the production unit and the products themselves, and ensure you produce what your customers expect.

The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a product or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire lifecycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimizing performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences. 


Our comprehensive concept of the digital twin consists of three forms: the digital twin of the product, the digital twin of production, and the digital twin of the performance of both product and production. Thanks to our comprehensive domain expertise and optimized tools, Siemens is the only company that offers this holistic approach. 


There is tremendous value gained from performing "what if" scenarios and predicting future performance with the digital twin. The ultimate goal of the digital twin is in the closed-loop connection between the virtual world of product development and production planning with the physical world of production system and product performance. Through this connection actionable insight is gained from the physical world for informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of products and production operations.

Der digitale Zwilling im Digital Enterprise

Digital Enterprise – Realize your digital transformation

With the Digital Enterprise portfolio, Siemens is driving the digital transformation of the industry – the seamless integration of automation, software and cutting-edge technologies will take the industry to the next level of efficiency. Discover the possibilities for your company.

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Boost agility and enhance resilience with smart financing solutions

Financial solutions for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is changing rapidly to cope with the changing nature of supply and demand, developing technologies, digitalization and new ways of working. Siemens supports them with intelligent and flexible financing solutions.

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Digital Enterprises produce more flexible and with maximum quality

Companies become digital enterprises by integrating and digitalizing the entire value chain. For every step from developing a new product through to continuously optimizing a plant, Siemens provides a coordinated portfolio of hardware and software.
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Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog
Virtual Event, Nov 26

Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog

Join us live for this interactive virtual event. Explore our SPS highlights in our brand-new showroom in 3D. Be inspired from top-level industry speakers and discuss with our Digital Enterprise experts.

Interactive production process

Our interactive graphics shows clearly the products and solutions that help you to optimize your processes and to meet the diverse requirements of your customers.
Digital Enterprise

The holistic approach to optimize the entire value chain

The production process in detail

Siemens offers the right solution for each step in the production process.

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Here you’ll find exclusive content – including white papers, videos, and other media – relating to trends, developments, and digitalization strategies for the food and beverage industry.

Smart Financing

Helping the global Food and Beverage sector navigate the economic ‘new normal’.

Energy data management in the food and beverage industry

More than just saving costs

Customization in the Food and Beverage Industry

Manufacture customer-specific products cost-effectively using digital technologies

Spotlight on the digital twin

With the digital twin, you can already take your automation to the next level today

Blockchain in the food and beverage industry

From field to kitchen in a safe manner

AI in the food and beverage industry

Help from the digital companion

Industrial Edge in the food and beverage industry

Computing power at the edge of the network

Professional start-up assistance

Technical article

Network preconfigured – secured bottling faster

Cybersecurity in the dairy and soft-drink industries

Risk minimization according to German initiative KRITIS

Integrate blockchain. Build trust.

How can companies ensure complete traceability and quality assurance, from the origin of resources to their customers? The answer is called blockchain – a revolutionary technology that provides the security you need to build trust. Gain transparency and traceability with Siemens Blockchain running on MindSphere.

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See how the softdrink industry benefits from our solution portfolio

Many companies in the softdrink industry are using our products and solutions. Here is one example.

Advancing digitalization needs comprehensive security

In order to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions only form one element of such a concept.

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Together with Siemens to Industrie 4.0

Digitalization pays off

Individualized mass production enabled by digital technologies provides the key to optimized business processes and sustainable success in the food and beverages industry. Learn directly from our experts how you can create a digital twin from your entire value chain all the way from product design to production, services and marketing to act more flexibly, improve margins, and react on new trends in a targeted manner.

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