Energy-saving spray drying

Industrial Edge and data analytics enable energy-saving spray drying

Save time and money with the aid of data

Spray dryers in the dairy industry evaporate the liquid in milk using a stream of hot air – an extremely energy- and time-consuming process. Using data, you can optimize your spray dryer in order to increase efficiency, flexibility, quality, and speed.

Reduce energy costs from spray drying with the Digital Twin

The time-consuming and expensive process of spray drying is extremely complex due to the many parameters. The result depends either on the operator’s experience or on an advanced process control (APC) system. To further optimize the process and reduce energy costs, the data from the spray dryer has to be collected and analyzed. This is made possible by a combination of edge computing and analysis software.

Process optimization using mathematical and physical models

To tailor the process to your spray dryer, a variety of data has to be collected. This is done with the aid of edge computing which, for example, records energy data directly at the device. This data is fed to the Digital Twin of the dryer so that the drying process can be optimized as precisely as possible. With the Spray Dryer Operations Optimization Suite, Siemens is offering a special combination of hardware and software that works with mathematical and physical models that allow it to map the process more accurately than other solutions. The system can be installed and maintained easily, decentrally, and flexibly.

#F&BTechTalks: Spray drying more efficiently with a Digital Twin

#F&BTechTalks webinar: Spray drying more efficiently with a Digital Twin

Spray drying is a critical step in the production of many food products such as milk powder, coffee and infant formula. To be competitive, manufacturers of spray dried products need to increase productivity, reduce costs and overcome rapidly changing market requirements.

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