Traceability from the field to the table

Trusted traceability uses blockchain technology to increase transparency from the field to the table

Trusted traceability thanks to blockchain technology

Thanks to blockchain technology, products in the food and beverage industry can be traced transparently throughout their entire lifecycle, from the raw material’s place of origin to the end consumers. This makes it easier to recall products due to contamination, fight product piracy, and quickly implement consumer wishes.

Safety from raw materials to the packaged product

Consumers are demanding more, while ever stricter regulations and laws are being adopted. Food and beverage companies not only need to always know where their raw materials come from, they must also know how they are processed and what happens after the product is shipped to the store. It’s best if they can show verification. Trusted traceability is the solution.

From the tuber to the bag: verifiably organic potato chips

Certified organic potato chips are a good example. Their journey runs seamlessly from the organic farmer’s potato field to storage, transport, and processing, including cutting, frying, and seasoning of the potatoes, to turning them into chips and even packaging and distributing them to the retailer. Each station on the potato’s journey generates data which can be collected. But before this data can be placed in the blockchain, it must be verified by everyone involved in the network. Consumers can scan QR codes on the packaging and see that the chips are made from 100 percent organic potatoes that were further processed under optimal conditions.

Manipulation-proof product data acquisition

This is made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IioT) and blockchain technology. Together, they are able to deliver immediate benefits and fundamentally transform the food and beverage supply chain. The data associated with a product generates a digital and verified pedigree, which can be used to trace and verify at any time what is going on with processing and logistics. This includes suppliers. All stakeholders involved in the production process know at all times what is happening with the product or its components and where and how this is done. As soon as the data has entered the blockchain, it can no longer be manipulated.

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