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Webcasts for the food and beverage industry. From our Webcasts, you’ll learn how you can take your automation to the next level with the digital twin.
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Make your ideas marketable sooner. Develop your optimal production plant in a virtual environment. Make the most of your ongoing production. We’ll show you how.

You’ll see exactly how a digital twin is created. Our qualified experts will provide you with valuable information for your application. From our Webcasts, you’ll learn all the benefits of the digital twin and how you can use it in your company. Register now for the four-part Webcast series on the digital twin in the food and beverage industry. All of the Webcasts are recorded and made available here following the broadcast.

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A closer look at performance

Recorded on December 4, 2018

A digital model of a production plant makes it possible to simulate the plant’s behavior and responses during normal operation as well as in extreme situations. A variety of scenarios can be simulated in order to optimize adjustable parameters in the virtual environment in parallel with ongoing production. We’ll show you the many options.

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All eyes on the production plant

Recorded on November 7, 2018

Digitalization offers optimal solutions for testing the best possible quality and composition of industrially manufactured foods in a virtual way before the first real modification of the formula. The digital twin helps you adapt to actual environmental conditions. It determines the optimal parameters and makes them available as reference values across factories. Find out more.

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Spotlight on the machine

Recorded on October 24, 2018

The application range for the digital twin of the machine extends far beyond digital design. Find out how a production machine for food manufacturing is created in a virtual development environment. The machine’s behavior is simulated ahead of time and can be incorporated in automation programs. Virtual commissioning reduces expenditures when the real machine is installed.

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Focus on product design

Recorded on September 20, 2018

The digital twin enables you to integrate current data into the design of your product packaging without having to wait for time-consuming coordination with other processes. For example, you can use a virtual model of your product to simulate the production of seasonal versions based on a standardized, time-saving product design. Find out how you can also use the digital twin of your product to design the optimal packaging machine.

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White paper

Individualization in the food and beverage industry

This exclusive white paper shows you how you can use a number of new digital technologies to optimize your business processes, meet new requirements more fully, and manufacture customer-specific, individualized products cost-effectively in Industrie 4.0 mass production.

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