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Efficient production along the value chain
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Digital production

Manufacture solar panels more efficiently and more sustainably

Discover our solution for the entire value chain, from polysilicon production to cutting ingots, manufacturing the cells, and producing the modules. Integrated solutions for power supply, automation, and digitalization enable the flexible, efficient, and sustainable production of solar panels of the highest quality.

Automation and digitalization for the transition to a new energy mix

The energy transition requires high-performance solar cells to ensure an environmentally friendly power supply. Manufacturers are focusing more and more on local supply chains and integrated production with an optimized use of materials. Siemens is supporting the solar industry with its Digital Enterprise, which makes it possible to combine the real and digital worlds and seamlessly integrate the entire value chain from design to completion – while a continuous data flow enables ongoing optimization. Working with the comprehensive digital twin makes it possible to incorporate the entire product lifecycle and, if necessary, even the factory and plant lifecycles. The performance data that’s generated and recorded in the real world facilitates a continuous, open cycle of optimization for both product and production. This means that manufacturers and machine builders can handle raw materials more efficiently, get their innovations onto the market more swiftly, and respond to new demands more flexibly.

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The portfolio of solutions for the entire value chain

Discover the solutions from Siemens for efficient production of perfect solar panels along the value chain.
Customized financing solutions

At Siemens you don’t just get professional consulting and innovative technical solutions from a single source; you’ll also receive customized financing products for your solar panel production. Siemens Financial Services offers extensive financing expertise to flexibly finance everything from individual machines to complete plants to suit your specific requirements.

Industrial security at all levels

An approach that covers all levels simultaneously is essential to comprehensively protecting industrial facilities from cyber-attacks both internally and externally ­– from operational to field level and from access control to copy protection. At Siemens, Cybersecurity for Industry is a core element of the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio. With Defense in Depth, we provide a multilayered security concept that equips industrial plants with extensive, end-to-end protection in accordance with the recommendations of international standard IEC 62443. 

From new business models to ongoing optimization

Our comprehensive service approach ensures maximum plant availability, flexible processes, extensive training, and reliable consulting services for all aspects of digitalization in the solar industry. We work with you to develop appropriate business models to maintain your performance, quality, and flexibility for the long term. Our experts are there to help you keep your operations running in all stages of the plant and process cycle – and to support and improve them.

Linking the real and digital worlds

Siemens has an extensive portfolio of industrial software and automation solutions to seamlessly combine the real world of the value chain with the digital world and cloud-based systems. That means solar panel manufacturers and plant and machine builders can integrate and digitalize their entire value chain. The result is a substantial improvement in cost-efficiency along the entire value chain, thanks to more transparent, more efficient, and more reliable processes.

Integrated automation solution

Plant-wide automation lets you combine all automation components from different machine and plant builders to form a single, plant-wide automation solution. The benefits for operators and builders alike can be seen along the entire value chain.

Successfully launching the digital transformation

The successful digital transformation of solar panel production starts with consulting – and the experts from Siemens are there to help right from the start. They’ll analyze your plant’s digital maturity and help you develop an appropriate digitalization strategy. Implementing this strategy is based on the Digital Enterprise, Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio of industrial software and automation hardware.

Solar production machines

Intelligent automation uses every ray of sun

As an experienced partner for machine builder in the solar industry, we know exactly what you need. With the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio, we offer all the controller and drive components necessary for turning good ideas into even better system solutions under one roof – for the entire range of solar production machines and solar trackers.

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Re-thinking solar panel production

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Our comprehensive Digital Enterprise portfolio enables panel manufacturers and machine builders to create innovative production facilities in the real world. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our solutions for automation, digitalization, and cybersecurity. We’re also happy to assist you with our comprehensive range of services, consulting opportunities, and our customized financing solutions.

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