Industrialize Additive Manufacturing

Industrialize Additive Manufacturing

Bringing together the real and digital worlds of product design, simulation and 3D printing, Siemens empowers you to create, make and use industrial Additive Manufacturing applications at scale.

Additive Manufacturing in industrial use

How to redesign products? How can you improve Additive Manufacturing? How do you transform research and development into the right business model? Learn more from our experts about an integrated design, data and process chain to accelerate the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing.
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Reimagine products. Reinvent manufacturing. Rethink business: industrialize Additive Manufacturing

Use the digital twin to derive unique benefits from the Digital Enterprise Suite.
Comprehensive approach

Create a sustainable competitive edge

The value chain for Additive Manufacturing

Both machine and product manufacturers are in a transitional stage between prototype and low-volume production using individual machines on the one hand and fully industrialized series production on the other. Essential factors here are productivity, process stability, end-to-end data chains, speed, quality, and IT security.

Our Digital Enterprise Suite offers end-to-end solutions for Additive Manufacturing. Only a holistic approach, incorporating the entire value chain, will lead to sustainable competitiveness. Around the world, numerous AM machines are used for industrial applications. With 55 machines, Siemens is a frontrunner in both production and as a service provider.

The Digital Enterprise Suite from Siemens is based on:

  • Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions, including NX™, the integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution
  • Simcenter™ solution portfolio, a robust simulation and testing program
  • Teamcenter®, the digital product lifecycle management system
  • SIMATIC IT and SIMATIC WinCC, two products from the Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) portfolio for production
  • MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system
Product portfolio

Our software and automation products and services for the end-to-end process

Additive Manufacturing means a shorter time-to-market, more flexibility, better quality, and higher efficiency. We have the technology for your success.

Additive Manufacturing Hubs

AM Hubs are local experience centers and knowledge exchange platforms. In these Hubs, our customers can collaborate with us to develop industrial use cases, machines or other technological advancements for the additive world of tomorrow. These Hubs also serve as demonstration areas for our seamless AM portfolio from CAD, CAM and CAE software to industrial automation technology and value-added services.

Additive Manufacturing – it`s about reimaging products with cutting edge design and simulation tools, gaining productivity on the shop floor or even rethinking business models. The Siemens brand ecosystem has a unique position in this technology – by being a leading producer as well as a leading supplier for the industrial AM market. 


The AM Hubs are spread across the world and each have a distinct technological focus, while also being a holistic entry point into industrial AM for the local customer and academia base. Accompanied by digital demonstration and collaboration tools, the content in the Hubs can also be shown virtually, but on-site visits are still a clear recommendation in order to experience applied additive manufacturing and get inspired.

Center for Polymer AM

Siemens offers an interactive Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) in Erlangen (Germany) and its digital twin the Digital AMEC, where the integrated seamless Additive Manufacturing chain and the AM relevant products of Siemens are shown. The AMEC provides an excellent overview and insight into different industrial AM technologies and information about the challenging industrial requirements for AM design, simulation and production. Our aim is to provide our customers an overview of the value-add of the seamless digital AM chain.

Multi-axis application and sheet printing

In the AM Hub in Munich (Germany) we develop next generation multi-axis applications and end-to-end processes together with machine builders, universities, and startups. In the Munich area we strengthen our end customer partnering with the local automotive and aerospace industry. All AM activities in the south of Germany, Austria and Italy are driven by this Hub.

Further information for this Hub can be found here very soon

US government and industry funded projects

The Charlotte Advanced Technology Collaboration Hub (CATCH) is located in North Carolina, USA. The path to industrialization of Additive Manufacturing is through close collaboration, while the mechanism is digitalization. CATCH is focused on collaborating with machine OEMs and end users to develop advanced automation and software solutions while pushing the boundaries of material and processes to develop AM business models for serial production.

Guidance, support and training to ASEAN manufacturing facilities

The Advance Manufacturing Transformation Centre (AMTC) in Singapore is the first of its kind hybrid competence centre that provides guidance, support, and training to manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia on their journey of adoption, transition, and transformation towards advance manufacturing.

Further information for this Hub can be found here very soon

Why "Digital Native" Factory?

The Digital Native Factory is the first Siemens factory built from scratch with our holistic software and automation portfolio that seamlessly combines the real and digital worlds to become a true Digital Enterprise. It was designed as an highly energy-efficient and sustainable production site.
Are you ready to accelerate digital transformation for a sustainable future?

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Additive Manufacturing is enjoying extremely dynamic development. We have compiled a few interesting new developments for you here.



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