Karsten Schwarz's passion

Karsten Schwarz
Karsten Schwarz in the TAC (now DEX) Erlangen

A personal farewell to a truly committed warrior for the user friendliness of SINUMERIK CNCs

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A real partner for customers and colleagues alike

A true SINUMERIK veteran leaves us at the end of May 2022: Karsten Schwarz goes into retirement after decades of actively shaping our SINUMERIK CNC system. He was always fully committed to promoting the now legendary user friendliness of the SINUMERIK CNCs – it was truly his passion.


We take the opportunity to pay tribute to his work once again and to say our personal goodbyes – especially since he also initiated and always promoted CNC4you as a media platform for CNC end users.

The challenge and enjoyment

Working actively with CNC machine tools has always been a challenge for Karsten Schwarz – but at the same time, it gave him great enjoyment. His "job" was rarely easy, but always exciting and challenging enough to keep him fired up.


Karsten Schwarz came into contact with numerical controls for the first time in the mid 80's. Back then, data storage volumes were still measured in kilobytes, NC programs were saved on punched tape and "ease of use" was restricted to position displays on small, green flickering monitors. State-of-the-art CNCs are now equipped with large touch monitors, nobody is talking about memory sizes any longer and the control offers unimagined flexibility and functionality – both for the machine application and in its use.

It's the user friendliness that really opens up the functionality and benefits of modern CNCs

Today, Sinumerik CNCs are in the premium segment when it comes to user friendliness and range of functions. Irrespective of which sector, whether large series production, a job shop environment, mold building or wherever: Karsten Schwarz is absolutely convinced that Sinumerik is always the optimum choice. But he also understands that this needs to be proven on a daily basis. This led him to campaign early on to provide practical support for CNC users in the form of a "Technology and Application Center". This was built in 2007 at the SINUMERIK headquarters in Erlangen and he headed it up.

Competently communicating the advantages and benefits

From the word go, the TAC Erlangen (today "DEX – Digital Experience and Application Center") was created as a communication platform for all industry players. "Only those who communicate with partners, customers and training centers on a professional technical basis will be successful in the long term," stated Karsten Schwarz. However, not every CNC user can make their pilgrimage to Erlangen. This is why – also driven by Karsten Schwarz – the print and online medium "CNC4you" was created almost at the same time as the opening of the TAC, providing information about news and trends in the CNC world.

Thank you Karsten!

We remember Karsten Schwarz's style, his unreserved commitment to the cause and to the users of SINUMERIK CNCs – he is an inspiration to us all.


"Thanks for everything Karsten! We wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts for what lies ahead!”


The CNC4you team




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