Video tutorial Read/Write Work Offsets 

How to write the values of a work offset in the NC program and how to read the values of a work offset into user variables

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Set, change and read out values of the work offsets (G54, G55, ...) in the NC program.

This video tutorial shows ...

  • the access to work offsets with the $P_UIFR command, 
  • the selection of the accessed work offset via indices,
  • how to use the CTRANS command to set new values for a work offset,
  • how to view/check the current values of a work offset via the SINUMERIK Operate user interface
  • how to read the individual coordinate values of a work offset into variables (e.g. into R variables) so that they can be used in the NC program.

The procedure described in the tutorial can be used with all current SINUMERIK CNCs.

More about the use of work offsets can be found ...

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