Installation notes for SinuTrain

Screenshot einer Fehlermeldung von MS-Windows

Fix known sources of errors when installing programs for MS-Windows yourself!

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The restart of the computer is requested again and again

When installing software programs on PCs with the MS-Windows operating system, the error occasionally occurs that a restart of the computer is repeatedly requested, but the installation does not progress any further afterwards. This Windows error was also observed during the installation of SinuTrain. 

Further notes on installing SinuTrain

Further hints for the installation of SinuTrain are given ...


  • the read-me file and
  • the SinuTrain booklet.

Both files can be found in the downloaded ZIP archive for SinuTrain installation.


In case of individual difficulties with the SinuTrain installation, please contact Siemens Industry Online Support as described on this page in the section "Support for SinuTrain".    

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