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From factory and shop floor


NEW: Hammer mill – the name says it all!

Sinumerik in the mill production of Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Tietjen manufactures 48 types of hammer mills that have been individually optimized for each specific application – from high-speed mills and big chamber mills to wide chamber mills.


NEW: "We've struck oil!"

Production of hydrodynamic drives at Voith Crailsheim

When you fill up your car with fuel, you probably never think about how the crude oil finds its way from the oil platform to the gas station. If you did, you’d see that it is quite an exciting topic as our report on Voith shows.


NEW: More productive with digital twin

Constant focus on production productivity

Siemens Tübingen is continuously optimizing the productivity of its SIMOGEAR geared motor production by simulating machines and plants.   


NEW: Sinumerik training during the Corona pandemic

What should you do if a new machine is delivered during this Corona pandemic and on-site training is required? Here, you can read how this functioned in practice with the Kamusin company.


Perfect music pleasure through precision

Manufacturing with high depth of vertical integration

By manufacturing classic record players for high-end analog music pleasure, Wirth Tonmaschinenbau has been fighting against increasing digitalization in music since 1996. The company uses CNC turning and milling machines with Sinumerik 808D Advanced control systems to produce their high-quality devices.


"Control is the key"

 Decisive: The combination of machine and CNC

Together with Siemens, Mazak has adapted Sinumerik for some of its series and will continue to supplement its machine tool portfolio. After all, control systems and machine tools are a perfect match — as contract manufacturer Pausewang from Gingen an der Fils in Germany agrees.


Free rein on design

Innovative instrument making

Ulrich Teuffel’s striking guitars are in demand all over the world, as both musical instruments and beautiful works of art. The guitar designer makes virtually all parts using a CNC milling machine and the SINUMERIK 840D sl.


Robots in manufacturing

Retreaded turning machine combined with drilling station

Sinumerik CNCs control robots and machine tools - simultaneously. An example from Bad Neustadt.


Tuning for Moto Guzzi

Lasting driving pleasure with individually manufactured spare parts

Two motorbike enthusiasts from Bavaria, Manfred Sehr of SWS CNC Fräsen and Michael Behrendt of HMB-Guzzi, ensure that bike lovers can still ride older Moto Guzzi models, with their distinctive two-valve engines, to this day.


Guilloche machine 

Breathing new life into old Guilloche technology

Guilloche is a rare and disappearing craft in which surfaces are enhanced with special decoration. Professional support enabled Florentin Mack, a watchmaker from Ulm, to make his dream of owning a guilloche machine come true: The Digital Expierence and Application Center Erlangen manufactured the missing spare parts.


CNCs in instrument making 

Martin Guitars: Precise guitar necks through right-angle head compensation  

Easy to play - great sound: Six generations ago, company founder C. F. Martin Sr. was confronted with managing a guitar-making enterprise that was producing totally handcrafted guitars, one by one, with little means for standardization. Since those days, guitar legends such as Gene Autry, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and new comers Ed Sheeran and Hunter Hayes have relied on the consistently distinctive tone, treble and bass specific to Martin acoustic guitars. When Martin learned that its previous machine tool builder had exited the market, the company turned to Fryer Machine Systems for new machines to cover a production increase and seized the opportunity to upgrade the control technology with SINUMERIK CNCs.


From design directly into manufacturing

SINUMERIK with SolidWorks and Mastercam

Process chain in pump construction: Prototypes are created parallel to the design, whose tests are immediately incorporated into the design.


Turbocharged machining centers

Lower cycle times thanks to the high-speed setting cycle

BE Technologie GmbH, manufacture tools with complex free-form surfaces for the automotive industry, such as rear parts for sunroofs or various mechanical parts, for example.


Working hand in hand

Successful co-operation

Two independent companies in one building: FTM Neresheim and EYPro are working closely together to offer their customers optimum solutions. In a joint project for the guild of chimney sweeps, the two companies have developed a test bench for calibrating measuring devices for the measurement of particulate matter in heating systems.


Utilizing the calm before the storm

7 months maintenance for 5 months beet campaign


Südzucker AG’s sugar production at its site in Rain am Lech, Germany, runs at full speed five months of the year. The other seven months of the year are used for maintenance of equipment in the sugar factory. Several of the maintenance measures employ control technology from Siemens.

From the training


NEW: Study course with Industry 4.0 hands-on

Don't just talk, do it!

The Institute for Production Technology of HAW Hamburg researches, teaches and puts into practice seamlessly integrated digital production: Students and interested companies experience just how digital production functions in practice – and how it can be deployed with existing machines and in structures that have grown over time. 


NEW: From the Eureka moment up to training partnership

Regional training center "rbz Steinburg"

The switch to carry out training on a state-of-the-art machine equipped with Sinumerik CNC brought rzb Steinburg trainers into contact with JobShop programming. This motivated them to take a course at Siemens in Erlangen and to participate in the CNC4you contest. In the meantime, the training facility became an official Siemens training partner.


Haidlmair: Digitalization starts during vocational training

Focus on quality

Operation, technologies, processes — digitalization will affect and revolutionize large parts of the machine tool industry over the next few years. How does training need to change accordingly? Initial answers can be found in the training workshop of the Austrian toolmaker Haidlmair.


Technology leasing in CNC training

Modern machine tools, up-to-date know-how

Operation, technologies, processes — digitalization will affect and revolutionize large parts of the machine tool industry over the next few years. How does training need to change accordingly? Initial answers can be found in the training workshop of the Austrian toolmaker Haidlmair.

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