All-round package for training in digital production processes 

NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools is already available in many countries, including China, India, Turkey and many European countries

From CAD to machining simulation: NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools 

There is a rapidly growing demand for employees who are qualified to handle the entire digital tool chain – from the initial CAD design, CAM and NC programming to a machining simulation on a digital twin. In response to this demand, Siemens has developed a unique classroom package for basic and advanced training. "NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools" includes licenses for the NX CAD/CAM solution, a virtual NC kernel (VNCK 4.7) as a postprocessor for NC programming and three virtual training machines for 3-axis and 5-axis milling and turning. This extremely attractive package is rounded off by two weeks of instructor training, training documents and installation support. 

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Desperate need for employees with process chain expertise

Digitalization is rapidly changing the requirements placed on basic and advanced training. CAD/CAM skills and machine programming and operation are currently offered as separate training courses. However, companies are increasingly looking for employees who understand and can handle the entire tool chain. 

NX goes Machine Tools: the entire process chain in the classroom 

"Those are exactly the type of requirements we cover with "NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools," explains Zeki Aydan from Siemens. "We provide everything from a single source. The benefits of our classroom solution for schools and institutes include a genuinely seamless and bi-directional integrated process chain – from initial component design to a precisely detailed machining simulation in the digital twins of machines, simple licensing and installation support. One important benefit for instructors is that they receive a Siemens certificate as additional proof of their newly acquired skills and can therefore gain credit with employers. Up to now, no other manufacturer has been able to offer such a comprehensive and complete integrated package for vocational training."

Positive side-effect: the "time on the machine tool" bottleneck is eliminated with the digital twin

NX helps trainees learn how to handle CAD designs and models, and then to implement the designs in NC programs via the VNCK . A further highlight of this package is the digital twins of machine tools. Why? Because in many training situations, the machines constitute a bottleneck in the training workshop. The new Siemens training program now provides an effective remedy to this problem. The package includes digital twins for 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines and a turning center. This gives trainees the opportunity to learn how to deploy machining simulations and digital twins. The programs they create can be tested and optimized in a virtual environment. NC programs do not reach the workshop machines until they have been optimized virtually. The result is that the short time available in the training institute's workshops can be used more efficiently, and any program errors which can lead to machine damage are detected and eliminated in advance.

Up to now, no other manufacturer has been able to offer such a comprehensive and complete integrated package for vocational training!
Zeki Aydan, Global Head of Education, Siemens Machine Tool Systems

Instructor training and teaching materials included

The program includes two weeks of training for instructors, their certification, the didactic concept with a comprehensive set of training documents and certification of the training institution. In NX, workpieces can not only be created for teaching metal-cutting applications, but also for additive machining. Volker Bremers from Siemens is convinced of the potential: "At long last, our attractive training packages enable training facilities to teach what is actually required in practice: dealing with an entirely digital tool chain. Just as CAD experts have to be able to assess the manufacturability of their workpieces, machine operators need the skills required to make minor corrections or variations in CAD/CAM. Our digital twins for milling and turning will help training facilities to leverage extra potential. Trainees can run, test and optimize their programs on virtual machines, thereby creating new opportunities and easing the strain on the workshops."

Worldwide rollout, "robotics" supplement currently in preparation

"NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools" is already available in Europe, China, Turkey and India. The U.S.A. is due to follow in the coming months. "NX goes SINUMERIK Robotics" is a further Siemens training program due for imminent rollout. It teaches trainees how robots can be programmed via a CNC system to carry out handling tasks, setup processes and smaller machining jobs in the machine tool environment. This new program is also based on "NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools".

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