"There's no other manufacturer to rival them!" 

Stefan Hirsch, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Stefan Hirsch uses "NX goes Sinumerik Machine Tools" to teach his students at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.  

Mr. Hirsch, how did you come to use "NX goes Sinumerik Machine Tools" as a classroom solution?


Stefan Hirsch: We've been using NX at the Campus for many years now. "NX goes Sinumerik Machine Tools" helps us to map the digital process chain from end to end – from the initial idea right through to the machine. Siemens has unique benefits here because it's the only manufacturer that can really offer everything from a single source: from CAD/CAM and simulation to the control system. If you use solutions from different manufacturers within the chain, experience shows you'll soon have problems integrating the different systems. That's a real obstacle to training. NX, the simulation and the connection to the control system really run smoothly.


What are the benefits for you in terms of training?


Stefan Hirsch: The simulation results, for example, are really great and very precise. The benefits during Corona have been especially significant. Our course participants have been able to work from home. The students can immediately see the many small mistakes that are made when creating a program. The advantage is that the follow-up discussions within the group go much deeper. We talk about real problems and focus on genuinely interesting issues.


How much help is the documentation?


Stefan Hirsch: It's not only the documents. Siemens has set up a complete, well-devised program. It ranges from licenses, training for instructors and documentation to a digital twin – and regular updates are also provided. I can only congratulate Siemens: As far as I know, their commitment to training is unique, there's no other manufacturer to rival them. We've enhanced some parts of the program with our own tasks, for example, to suit our specific purposes. That's the way it was designed, but Siemens really does provide a very good basis.


What does that mean for the workshop and training on the machines?


Stefan Hirsch: The workshop and actual machine operation are still important points. One reason being that the students need to develop a feel for the forces, the importance of feedrate, as well as the materials. But following simulation, the programs are much better engineered before they reach the machine, and, thanks to "NX goes SINUMERIK Machine Tools", the students also know how to operate the control system. It's just a question of optimization rather than whether the program is able to run at all.

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