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The range of technologies in the machine tool environment is vast. Manufacturing companies wishing to cater for several different technologies face the question: which CNC is the best solution for all my processes and employees, and for handling spare parts?

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Multi-technology CNC SINUMERIK

SINUMERIK covers the universal technologies of turning, milling and drilling - and in addition to all kinds of grinding applications, special technologies such as laser cutting in sheet metal working. SINUMERIK also offers effective support in merging different technologies in one machine – multitasking. Turn-milling and mill-turning are supported as standard, but there are no limits to further combinations. This means that the machine's range of machining options and components is increased, avoiding the need for re-clamping operations, while significantly increasing productivity without reducing quality.


More and more additive manufacturing processes are being added to the machining operations. This not only makes it possible to repair workpieces, but also to implement innovative production strategies, new design approaches and components made of mixed materials and with differentiated internal structures. SINUMERIK also supports this Additive Manufacturing technology throughout the entire process chain.

Benefits of system integration 

What is the point of covering this wide scope and combination of machining technologies with just one CNC?

  1. Manufacturing companies that have so far used their existing machinery to handle core machining technologies can expand their range of production without system breaks and offer additional machining technologies.
  2. Machine operators can be used flexibly on the different machines. The fully integrated operating philosophy of SINUMERIK Operate provides the basis for this.
  3. The process landscape and the tools in CNC job preparation can be transferred to the various technologies in the machine fleet in a way that takes the strain off employees and resources.
  4. Whether we're talking about eliminating faults, storing spare parts or retrofitting the control technology: the service comes from a single source, even when it is a question of automating production or using process data to increase performance.
Added value with SINUMERIK

Applying the versatility of the SINUMERIK controller

Getting quicker the optimum result: SINUMERIK supports you with additional functions which reduce the expenditure and save time. The scope of functions ranges from the smooth setup of the machine to the useful tool management, through to individual configurations and efficient programming methods.

Easy and interactive setup

Thanks to the intelligent JOG mode, all the typical setup functions of machine tools are graphically supported in an interactive manner in SINUMERIK Operate. For example, a workpiece probe can be easily replaced with three mouse clicks only. Following a power failure, the tool can be retracted using the extended Retract function. At the same time, the machining process is continued properly at the point of interruption.

Time-saving tool management

The tool management transparently displays the tool data and magazine location information in one screen. An appropriate magazine location is selected automatically: Select tool, press button – and the SINUMERIK immediately provides a suitable magazine location. The tool life is also monitored, and a suitable replacement tool is loaded when required. This saves time when setting up the machine tool.

SINUMERIK Open Architecture – individual extensions in SINUMERIK Operate

With Open Architecture, SINUMERIK provides engineering interfaces which allow to further adjust the CNC equipment to the technological requirements arising on the relevant machine. This ensures a high level of freedom in manufacturing automation.

SINUMERIK programming methods

SINUMERIK supports three different CNC programming methods and fulfils various manufacturing requirements – from the manufacture of single parts through to large series production. This includes ShopMill and ShopTurn work step programming, the  SINUMERIK high-level language as well as DIN-ISO programming.

The right SINUMERIK CNC for your specific applications

In many cases, a SINUMERIK CNC is the right choice: For example, whenever new, revolutionary machine concepts are implemented. And of course whenever utmost productivity is requested for a specific machine tool application.

Downloads and Support

Further information on CNC machining technologies

Here you will find useful downloads and help with our SINUMERIK products.

Programming manuals

Our programming manuals are tailored to the needs of programmers, technologists, and machine operators. Using simple programming examples, commands and instructions are explained according to DIN 66025, you are shown how to program a complex workpiece program, and learn how to program measuring cycles and perform sophisticated measurement tasks. The programming manuals will also help you to design programs and software user interfaces, and with troubleshooting.

This manual explains common commands and instructions according to DIN 66025 using simple programming examples.

This manual explains how to program complex workpiece programs (e.g. sculptured surfaces, channel coordination etc.).

This manual explains programming with measuring cycles, as required for performing special measurement tasks. The flexible structure of the measuring cycles makes it possible to perform nearly all measuring tasks required on milling or turning machines.

Function manuals

Our function manuals are tailored to the needs of project engineers, technologists (of machine manufacturers), and start-up engineers (of systems/machines). Function manuals teach you in detail how to handle the SINUMERIK functions.

This manual describes the SINUMERIK basic functions.

This manual describes the SINUMERIK special functions.

This manual describes the SINUMERIK extended functions.

This manual describes the configuration, programming, and functionality of the "tool management" function and its variants.


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