Additive manufacturing in the metal cutting environment

CNC4you - Additive Fertigung mit SINUMERIK

The know-how from subtractive manufacturing as an ideal entry into additive manufacturing!

You manufacture with machine tools? So metal cutting on CNC-controlled machine tools is your core competence! With this know-how you have at the same time the ideal prerequisite for Additive Manufacturing. Additive manufacturing on the basis of SINUMERIK enables you to adapt to new challenges in the environment of your current component spectrum in the best possible way.

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New perspectives through additive manufacturing in the machine tool environment

Additive manufacturing – more competitiveness for the CNC shopfloor of tomorrow!

Your perspectives:

  • Produce semi-finished products quickly and efficiently.
  • Manufacture your components with lower material costs and less energy consumption.
  • Manufacture your existing component portfolio faster and more efficiently.
  • Expand your portfolio with components that you cannot produce by metal cutting alone.
  • Combine different materials in one component.


Think about new business :

  • Manufacture tools quickly and efficiently (Rapid Tooling).
  • Repair workpieces directly in the machine tool (Rapid Repair).
  • Coat your components directly in the machine tool.
  • ... and much more.

Take advantage of your expertise in metal cutting.

We provide you with the right solution!

3D-print in the metal cutting environment

The processing methods:

Multiaxial AM methods in the field of metal cutting with machine tools:

  • With Direct Energy Deposition (DED), metal is deposited either as a powder or as a wire in a web-like manner with the introduction of energy. In this way, metal structures can be built from scratch or applied to existing components.
  • Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) is used to build up any desired component structures from plastic granulate on a web-by-web basis, which are then shaped by milling.


The challenges

  • sophisticated machine concepts (machine kinematics) for constant orthogonal orientation of the AM unit on the component
  • highly dynamic motion control with absolutely constant path speed
  • high path accuracy
  • frequent rework due to subtractive manufacturing
  • frequently complex component geometries with free-form surfaces 

These are challenges that you are already familiar with and have mastered through your use of machine tools.

We make these challenges manageable for you in additive manufacturing as well!

CNC for additive manufacturing

SINUMERIK – the first choice for additive manufacturing in the metal cutting environment  

Highly dynamic motion control with absolutely constant path speed for maximum path accuracy. These are requirements that you already know very well from machining. This is exactly what SINUMERIK is the ideal solution for: 

  • Top Speed Plus - intelligent motion control for highest precision at highest speed for material application.
  • Top Speed Plus und Top Surface - shortest processing time and mirror-smooth surfaces for subsequent subtractive processing
  • Intelligent kinematic transformations for demanding machines, e.g. robot kinematics with rotary swivel tables
  • Comprehensive technology packages for subtractive manufacturing technologies such as milling, turning or grinding for hybrid machine solutions
  • and much more ...

The champion for subtractive manufacturing thus simultaneously offers all the trump cards for additive manufacturing. SINUMERIK, the first choice for the shop floor of tomorrow!  ​

NX – the leading player in additive manufacturing in the machining environment  

Behind many applications for additive manufacturing in the machining environment lie complex component surfaces and structures. For this purpose, Siemens PLM offers a uniquely comprehensive software system – from product development to manufacturing with additive manufacturing methods.


Different additive manufacturing processes with uniform operation in one system:

  • LMD (Laser Metal Deposition)
  • WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing)
  • ME (Material Extrusion)

Post-processors optimally matched to SINUMERIK multiaxial AM machines:

  • optimal synthesis of additive and subtractive technologies in one CAD/CAM system
  • Linked processes from design to additively manufactured component without data conversion
  • and much more ...

But only the machine room simulation integrated in NX with the digital twin of a SINUMERIK guarantees maximum transparency and process reliability. SINUMERIK and NX are thus the ideal pair for a continuous CAD/CAM-CNC process chain - for subtractive, additive manufacturing or the hybrid combination of both processes in one machine.


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