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Machine tools for additive manufacturing: Here you will find SINUMERIK controlled machines that use additive manufacturing alone or in combination with machining technologies.

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AddUp - Neues Logo des ehemals unter BeAM firmierenden Maschineherstellers und Anbieters von Additive-Manufacturing-Technologie


Producer of AM LPBF and LMD machines, as well as being Frances largest service bureau for AM metal parts.

5-Axis LMD Machines with or without Inert Gas Atmosphere 

The AddUp LMD Machines are notable for their industrial design philosophy. This solution uses the CNC control from Siemens, as well as the advanced LMD programming features of NX. This combination makes an end to end process chain possible that meets the highest requirements. The years of experience that AddUp has of building parts in an inert gas atmosphere means that the user can be sure of the highest possible material quality for example the building of Titanium parts.

Logo des Masschinenherstellers Breton


Machine Tools, Additive Manufacturing, Turnkey Solutions

Breton S.p.A.

Our latest innovations include one of the largest 3D printers in the world (height up to 3 m, width up to 5 m, length up to 30 m) with a printing capacity of up to 200 kg per hour (thermoplastic materials). In combination with a metal-cutting system, we overcome the limits of the purely additive process to produce near-net-shape parts. Our goal is to help innovative companies integrate 3D printing into their manufacturing and prototyping process.

Vom Maschinenhersteller DMG MORI beigestelltes Foto eines DED-Auftragsprozesses (Werkstück in Maschine)

DMG Mori

Global full-liner for additive manufacturing

Additive Intellligence

As a global full-liner in additive manufacturing, DMG MORI serves both powder bed and powder nozzle technology for the generative manufacturing of metallic components with the SLM and DED series. With Additive Intellligence, pure hardware is supplemented by consulting for the holistic technology introduction of SLM and DED, from component identification, development & design, simulation & optimization, training, to start-up support on the store floor.

Logo der Firma CEAD mit dem Zusatz "Composite Additive Manufacturing"


We deliver technology and help with the implementation of large scale thermoplastic composite 3D printing solutions.

AM Flexbot for additive manufacturing controlled by SINUMERIK

With this modular hybrid multi-axis robot manufacturing system, we help our clients worldwide to reduce process and labor costs by automating their business activities with our sustainable fiber reinforced polymer-based 3D printing solutions. With a passion for technology and innovation, our team is driven to find creative solutions for our clients and their applications.

Foto eines Bedieners an einer  Werkzeugmaschine des Typs AM-Cube von Chiron


AM Cube: Intelligent additive manufacturing

AM Cube: Intelligent additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing forms the final core area of the CHIRON Group's metalworking and automation expertise. The Group offers complete solutions that cover this fast-moving market environment. The AM Cube is a »Easy to use«-3D metal printer for manufacturing large and complex components, for coating, repair, 3D printing. Operation and programming are both intuitive. The system is programmed either using a standardized DIN ISO code or, for complex components, using a CAD/CAM software tool. All aspects of the system can be controlled using proven Siemens components, from hardware to the HMI through to programming of the AM Cube.


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