CNC Robotics: Dream Team for Accuracy and Flexibility 

grafic of a digital twin of a robot in front of a real SINUMERIK CNC

Perfect cooperation of robots and machine tools - CNC know-how is all it needs   

Automating production with robots is an effective lever for increasing productivity. With SINUMERIK Run MyRobot, it succeeds without system breaks and with the existing CNC know-how in work preparation and shopfloor.

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Complete package for the integration of robots into the CNC system and the process chain

Workpiece handling, set-up, rework, parallel machining: Robots and machine tools are working closely together more and more. SINUMERIK Run MyRobot makes it easy and convenient to integrate one or more robots into SINUMERIK-controlled machine tools.


For high-end and premium controls, this includes complete system integration of the robot kinematics into the CNC system - including drives, motion control, safety technology, maintenance and commissioning functions - up to PC-supported simulation and optimization with digital twin. But run MyRobot also offers the option of integrating robots into mid-range CNC systems. 


In all cases, the complete operation and programming of the robot is done via the SINUMERIK CNC - with the existing CNC know-how and the familiar NC programming. 

At a glance

Robot and machine tool: All aspects of integration

With SINUMERIK, the consistent and complete integration of robots into the CNC-controlled manufacturing process is available. The application spectrum ranges from handling tasks to complete system integration of robot kinematics for demanding machining tasks in parallel with machining time, which can be planned, programmed, commissioned and optimized in virtuality.


Robotics with SINUMERIK - Highlights

Here you can see the highlights of our motion control solution for robotics.


SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control allows to integrate the mechanic robot model in the SINUMERIK CNC. As a result, no additional robot controller is required. The direct control concept significantly simplifies the configuration of the controller hardware and optimizes the spare parts management process. The unique SINUMERIK-controlled robot technology provides further improvements regarding accuracy and dynamics, together with the benefits arising from a single-source controller concept. Further, the concept reduces the time and expenditure required for commissioning, engineering tasks and training.


Field of application:

  • Handling, tooling and fixture setup
  • Machining
  • Hybrid: Handling & machining of the current workpiece or other workpieces (pre- or post-processing, QA) in parallel to the machining process


SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Handling

Also with SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Handling, the robot mechanics model is integrated into the SINUMERIK CNC, eliminating the need for a separate robot controller. The advantages of the direct control concept are the same as for Run MyRobot /Direct Control, but the application is focused on handling tasks.


Field of application:

  • Handling, tooling and fixture setup

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Handling

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Handling opens up CNC-supported operation and programming as well as teach-in of the robot to mid-range controls; the cycle programming of the SINUMERIK can also be used for programming the robot.


For all this, CNC know-how is sufficient: Operation and programming of the Roboters can perform the work preparation team and / or the operator at the machine - without having to undergo extensive training.


Field of application:

  • Handling, tooling and fixture setup
Downloads and Support

Further information on CNC robotics

Here you will find useful downloads and help with our SINUMERIK products.

In our documentation selection on "Robotics", you will find information on the most common types of programming for a 6-axis robot with SINUMERIK 840D sl. You can learn all about axial programming, Cartesian programming with virtual rotary axis angles, orientation programming, and cartesian point to point (PTP) positioning.


Learn how to program a 6-axis robot with a SINUMERIK 840D sl.


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