Christmas bauble holder

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The workpiece

This CNC4you Christmas workpiece focuses on small Christmas baubles (those decorative balls) that often go unnoticed when hanging on a large Christmas tree. However, with this Christmas bauble holder, these small Christmas ornaments really come into their own. If desired, a personalized text can be engraved on the holder – ideally after the milled part has been colored by anodizing or painting to ensure good legibility of the engraving.


The bauble holder comprises a turned part and a milled part. Fixtures are required to allow the part to be milled on all sides and for subsequent engraving – and the production description will also explain how these fixtures are fabricated.


The tool data and NC programs (ShopTurn and ShopMill work plans) required for production are listed below.


The programs and files have been created and tested with the greatest care in accordance with the requirements listed in the manufacturing description. However, the manufacturing of the workpieces offered is at your own risk. Siemens accepts no liability for damage to property or personal injury. Workpiece manufacture is only permitted for private and not industrial use. Passing on the manufactured workpieces or production documents to a third party for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.


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