Press Line Simulation (PLS)

Key visual Press Line Simulation

Optimal material flow planning in presses

Press Line Simulation from Siemens is an innovative simulation software for the comprehensive analysis and optimization of motion control as well as the interaction of press, transfer, and feed system. Digital mapping of the entire system enables precise material flow planning. All operations can be prepared in advance, which makes it possible to optimize the entire material flow at an early planning stage.

Get to production operations faster

Press Line Simulation (PLS) simulates the material flow through an entire press line using the same parameters as the real press. The results can be taken over 1:1 in the real press.

Press Line Simulation supports various tasks in the press process – for instance, material flow planning, collision planning, device design, tool verification, and press setup.

Simply faster press commissioning

Press Line Simulation from Siemens is an innovative software tool for the comprehensive programming, analysis, and simulation of multistage presses. The digital simulation of the entire sheet-metal stamping process permits preplanning and virtual optimization of all processes at the start of the planning phase.


Collision planning and material planning with professional support
The optimization of a press line using simulation requires in-depth expertise. That’s why Siemens experts from the fields of metal forming, metal molds, and PLM software help you to select the optimal PLS license options.